Campy Shamal Ultra rear hub

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by gn1tmac

So, my rear hub on my shamal ultras was getting noisy, I continued to ride it until the free hub seized up and started throwing the chain. I went to campy's technical docs and decided to try and take it off myself. the freehub bearings were completely corroded away. so out of curiosity i decided to peak under the white grease cap to check the hub bearings. they were still packed in the white grease, no sign of wear. for some reason i still wanted to inspect further so i continued to disassemble the axle from the hub cartridge. this is when i screwed up and here is what i'm left with.....

does anyone know a place that could rebuild this rear hub for a reasonable price?


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by atakaoka

your location'd be welcome.
probably you will need to change the bearings set.
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by cookiemonster

Shamals use standard record internals - its basically a record hub with a carbon wrap which means that any reasonably competent mechanic should be able to take care of this for you.

(I'm not sure if this is still the case for the very latest shamal, but I'm guessing your wheels are more than a year old if they're making noises!)


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by fdegrove


The easiest way is to just replace the freehub with a new one (the bearings of these hubs are hard to replace, especially the inner side one) and reassemble everything which is pretty straightforward.

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by Valbrona

Campagnolo have a number of 'Campagnolo Service Centers', ie. shops that speak fluent Campagnolo.

But if you got it apart you could no doubt get it back together with a bit of internet research. As stated previously, these hubs are essentially Record. See the Campag website for videos on how to disassemble/assemble Record hubs, and looking at the instruction sheet (downloadable) would be a start.

Yes, just buy another freehub body.

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by gn1tmac

does anyone know if the grease guards that sit behind the bearing cup are 100% necessary?

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