Anyone create their own Di2 connectors?

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by bartturner

I have decided to bite the bullet and just create my own Di2 connectors. I have both Ultegra 6770 and DA 7970 Di2 and in the past I have cut and spliced wires. For a number of reasons I have decided to just create connectors. Right now the focus is on the 7970 setup.

I measured the male cooper leads and they appears to be .040" thick or 18 gauge. I am going to measure out the exact location of the leads. I plan to use my mill to do these measurements. Going to clamp in female connector and then using the mill head with a piece of steel stock that is .035 in diameter find the locations and record. I had thought the other approach would be to take a picture and find software that will do the measurements. If someone has already done this and could share that would be helpful. If not I will share what I find.

Find some hollow plastic that is about the diameter of the stock Shimano connector. Then find a piece of solid plastic stock that will fit snug into the hollow piece. Drill a hole 1/2 way through the solid plastic for each lead that is .040". On the other side drill a hole that is bigger probably about .050". Then solder my wires to a piece of 18 gauge cooper and push the cooper wire into the holes from the bigger side. Do this for each wire. Then glue the solid plastic piece with the wires into the hollow piece of plastic. Then fill the wire connected side with waterproof, non corrosive, Silicone. At this point I only need male connectors. But for female similar approach. But bigger than .040" holes and use cooper sleeve made for 18 gauge wire. I then connect to the Shimano side and heatshrink the connection to make it waterproof. Usually I double heat shrink because I tend to worry about things.

Like to hear feedback. Anyone done anything similar and provide some lessons learned?

by Weenie

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