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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by nifrodne

What is the best choice:

Litespeed: Huge fan of them, looks awesome, but what with warranty in Belgium ?
Lynskey: Looks nice but not my taste
GT: edge ti: looks great but delivery problems ?


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by Juanmoretime

Are you looking for new, used or custom geometry? The Lynskey's started Litespeed. I have owned a few Litespeeds and great bikes. My 2008 Lynskey R320 is the best titanium bike I have ever owned. I do have other but nothing else comes close.

FWIW, fit should always be your guide to a frame purchase. It doesn't matter what the brand is since if you fit on it poorly or could fit better on another brand that the brand that does not fit is a poor choice.

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by RJKflyer

Talk to Jim Walker of Enigma. I have an Echo and it's excellent.

Agree totally re fit, and that's why I went to them to get a good fit.

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by Montana

I would recommend Firefly, Moots and Eriksen

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by erotero

Independent Fabrication Ti Crown Jewel or Factor Lightweight Ti, nuf said...
MASTER says... FASTER!!! ...but my leg still hurts...

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by justkeepedaling

Firefly is the only Titanium I lust for

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by jrobart

Seven, Seven, Seven!
The Stable http://www.flickr.com/photos/121194764@N07/albums

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by stanseven

I love people that ask advice with new threads and then don't bother to ever respond to the thread they started and especially answer some basic questions.

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by tommasini

.....and that they don't give much information about their riding preferences, rider weight, etc. 8)

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by bikedoc

Love lynskey

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by LinasR

Any opinions about 4ti bikes?

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by winky

GT. cool headtube. And cheaper.

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by nifrodne

54 is the frame I need. (1m72)
weight is 70 about 75 with clothing and stuff...
I ride only uphill or downhill, almost no flat....
And I will use the bike about 4 times a year I think, I always use the sandman....

But I just want a nice titanium racebike ;-)

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by Burgunder

Punch cycles http://punchcycles.com/HOME.html got good scores in one of the german cycling magazine.

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by kgt

Since you are in Belgium Van Nicholas could be a nice choise.

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