30.2 Seatposts?

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by morrisond

I'm buidling a bike on the Dave Yates Framebuilding course this summer.

I need a 30.2mm Post to fit my design.

Does anyone know of anything nice?

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by Briscoelab

Thomson makes a 30.0. I've never seen a 30.2.

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by HammerTime2

You could get a custom seatpost, for instance Bold Precision http://www.boldprecision.com/custompricelist.htm.

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by winky

Why 30.2? Braze in a seat tube sleeve and get a standard 27.2.

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by elviento

27.2 isn't ideal for metal frames IMHO.

In a recent project to develop a light alu frame, we were using some nice 7-series alu tubing, which can be down to 0.7mm in certain places and generally between 0.8-1.2mm. The seat tube ended up being really heavy because we had to use 2.3mm tubing (the distance between 27.2 and 31.8). I could easily save 45grams if I could use a thinner seat tube.

Generally 2.3mm tubing simply is too thick for lightweight Alu or Steel (you don't need THAT much material to make a sturdy seat tube). You could put in a sleeve but that adds uncessary weight.
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