Best adapter BB30 for Campy UT

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by spookyload

Sorry, it is for Ultra Torque PF30 cups into a Ridley Noah frame. Ridley doesn't specify anything in their build passport. Natural tendency is to use grease like I always did with a headset, but I have read the Loctite bit and also read to do it dry. I cant even find 600 series Loctite anywhere around me. Where are you guys finding it?

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by jbf

Campy OS Fit bottom bracket adapters for BB30. I installed these a few years ago on my CAAD9 using Locktite 609 which is intended specifically for press fit applications. No problems whatsoever.


by Weenie

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by bikerjulio

This thread illustrates the ongoing confusion about BB30 and PF30.

Spooky has PF30. It has a 46mm adapter. PF30 shells are designed to use a delrin insert, and may not have to meet the same tolerances as a BB30 shell.

There are several (numerous) complaints of Campy's PF30 adapters failing to stay in place.

Spooky, don't grease it whatever you do. Find the strongest loctite, prep the surfaces, and let it set up after installation. And then hope for the best.

If this doesn't work, the next step is a full SRAM insert which converts the BB to a normal threaded one, and you use the threaded Campy cups. good luck.
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