Lightest & smallest ANT+ bike computer (for powermeter)

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by bally81

Hy folks !

Does anyone know which is the smallest (and lightest) ANT+ compatible bike computer out there that displays power ?

Currently I have a Cateye strada slim tachometer plus a Garmin XT 910 (on which I have my power data displayed).

Perfect would be a bike computer that is +/- similar size to the Cateye strada Slim.

I found the Cateye CC-GL50 as the smallest available bike computer out there but to me its still way too bulky.
Imho a bike computer should be +/- in line with the bike stem.

Thank you for your inputs :beerchug:
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by Weenie

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by nobuseri

Not sure what the smallest is, but if you can get your hands on a Garmin 500, it's lightweight and pretty capable of displaying whatever data is avail via ANT+ - and more.

Not fancy, but definitely lots of data collected/displayed
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by jo.k

This is about the same weight as a Garmin Edge 510, though not available yet:

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by Squint

Bontrager Node 1.1?

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by uraqt

It's going to be the garmin watches 910/920...

I think this is a loosing battle, the rest of the world want bigger and sharper screens. Also nobody but Apple can catch garmin and then when Apple does we will be screwed, no competition.

That said I agree that smaller is better but I don't think you can get much smaller then the 910/920, with out reading issues. There is still a lot of wasted space on the face of 920, I had hoped that the could make the screen bigger and get ride of the all the crap around the display. The garmin logo at the bottom an the stripe around the whole screen is waste. The good new is that I think it's a color e-paper screen so that is helping a lot with batter life. Maybe garmin will make a racing 500/510 with color e-paper screen that runs days and is thin.


I am guessing that we keep our garmins for a lot longer than people are going to keep their Apple watch and iPhones ... less money for garmin and more money for Apple. I would also bet that Apple is going to push different watches out.. one for workout people, one for billionaires, one for kids ....... That will allow Apple to change the watches faster then garmin too..

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by trex021

Squint wrote:Bontrager Node 1.1?

This ^^^

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by MisterMuncher

Bryton Rider 40 is 56g, small and will log and display power data.

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by 0w3n

+1 for the Garmin Edge 500 57g (exc mount). You can customise the display to show 1 - 8 data fields over 5 pages with loads of power options & you can pick them up for about £120 (with HRM & cadence/speed) if you shop around

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by Qman

Node 1.1
The head unit is 27 grams. It is also very inexpensive. If you want altitude and percent grade then get the 2.1.
Screen isn't the best, but it works.

If you want an out-front mount then the Bontrager one is heavy and too short. I 3D printed one instead and its been working very well. Much lighter than Bontrager's and long enough to get the computer in front of the stem.

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by WeightySteve


Not quite the smallest or lightest I suppose.

But for its size/weight and display, simply the best.

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by 53x12

I assume you carry around a cell phone anyways for an emergency? Your smart phone might already have ANT+ built in. It also might not but you can get an external connector for ANT+.

So wouldn't your standard smartphone (the one you will be brining with you anyways) or a ANT+ adapter be the lightest option?


But then I guess you don't have "the smallest" issue taken care of.
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by nlouthan

Wahoo RFLKT with the above mentioned ANT+ adapter and a smartphone. Otherwise Garmin 500. I can't imagine wanting a smaller screen.

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by uraqt

You have to have a heart monitor going to be Garmin... : ) ... al-hr.html


It's great news that they partnered with Mio....makes it harder for Apple to compete.

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by bally81

Hy folks!
Thank you all for your comments!!

Let me quickly summarize all your suggestions:

Garmin 500 and 510 => too big. The reference is always the 910xt (size-wise)
Bontrager Node 1.1 => that would have been the perfect computer size-wise. Problem: No data collection! Means no data can be uploaded to any computer!
910xt or 920 => have it. Its a watch, i need a bike computer..
Bryton Rider 40 => too big
SRM PC7 => too big

Garmin 200 => hasnt been suggested, but => too big

Its quite bad..

Garmin just brought out the 20 and 25. It has the Perfect size.... thats what I would need.. Problem: No Power can be displayed ;-)

The search goes on... :roll:
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by djconnel

Actually I don't carry my cell phone on most events. Too heavy.
Garmin Edge 25 has ANT+ Sport built in but they chose to have it ignore power meters. Bitter....

by Weenie

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