Lightweight Edelhelfer Carbon Bottle Cage

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by Steve_W

jmartpr wrote:Looks nice...but I already see users of Polar and CamelBack bottles complaining the tight fit! Should work fine with normal bottles.....

I've used with camelback, no chance, really tight! I've gone back to using tacx, hold really well.

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by Spinnekop

Had my cages now for over a year now.
Like everyone mentioned above, the Tacx bottles work the best.

But. After about 9000km my first cage broke. The little lip at the bottom of the cage that keeps the bottle from falling through, broke.
Bought a new cage.
On 23000km the second one broke. So two cages broke the same place. Can't say that I am completely happy about it if you look at the price but that is light carbon stuff for you. I still got good kilos out of it thought.

The only thing I can think of is that the SECOND you use a bottle that is just a tiny bit too loose in the cage, the lip at the bottom might not like it.
Just thought I should mention it.
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