Saddle Affinity Mapping

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by twoangstroms

I'd love to put together a table or visualization that'd help us all have a fighting chance to explore what saddle models we might like, based on our past preferences.

You can help by listing the saddles you like, the saddles you don't like, your favorite saddle. That simple. With enough data, I might be able to put something together that we could look at going forward. Please format as below (Favorite, Like, Dislike -- with brand and model).

Favorite: Selle San Marco ASPide Arrowhead

Like: Selle San Marco ASPide, Specialized Toupé, Specialized Romin

Dislike: Selle San Marco Era, Specialized Romin Evo, Fizik Aliante, WTB Rocket V, WTB Silverado


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by sigismond0

Favorite: Specialized Romin

Like: Selle Italia SLR Superflow, Fizik Antares VS, Ritchey Biomax, Ritchey Streem

Dislike: All non-VS Fizik saddles

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by davidalone

I've found a generally good way yo find a good saddle match is to look at the dimensions of your current saddle and map it over.

also, in addition, the shape.

fr example, I ride a fizik antares. a good match is the san marco regale, which has very close shape and dimensons.

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by SDP


toupe 143

like : Romin : old style turbo : SLR

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by mises

Something like would be even better - be able to do 2D and 3D comparisons of 2 saddles.

Favorite: AX Endurance, if that weren't available probably SMP Evolution.
Tolerable: old Turbo, Turbomatic, Flite
On the edge: Regal
Instrument of pure evil: SLR, AX Apollo, and most anything with a flat profile.

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by ico

Favorite: Selle San Marco Mantra carbon
Like: Specialized Toupe, Prologo Choice
Dislike: Fizik Arione, Selle Italia Flite Carbon

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by Svetty

Like: anything my butt adapts to after I've ridden it for a few days

Dislike: first few days on a different saddle

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by mattydubs

Favorite: arione versus. A vintage selle italia turbo on my commuter.

Like: most ariones. The alliante is nice too just one position though.

Dislikes: the aesthetics of most other brands (but that doesn't really matter). Antares and SLRs (too wide for me and hurt me legs).

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by hiro11

Current favorite: Specialized Romin Evo 155
Worked well for me in the past: Selle San Marco Regal (the old school one), Terry Fly, Bontrager Race Lite, the old SI Turbo
Don't like at all: Bontrager Affinity RL 138, Selle Italia SLR Titanium

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by carlislegeorge

From what I've owned and used over the past 5 years:

Favorite: Prologo Scratch Nack

Like: Fizik Antares, Velocite SSC (plain carbon)

Dislike: Specialized Romin, Specialized Toupe, Selle Italia SLR Kit Carbonio Flow
2011 Tarmac Pro SL3 Project Black (gone but not forgotten)
2012 Parlee Z5 SLi (just because)
2014 Colnago C59 (why not)

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by fdegrove


If you like the Selle San Marco Aspide range there's a good chance you'll the SMPs of similar width as well.

Ciao, ;
Being a snob is an expensive hobby.

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by szymonef

Like: none really so far
Acceptable: WTB Rocket, WTB Silverado, SLR Gel flow
Dislike/hate: Selle Italia SLR, Prologo Nago, San Marco Ponza Power

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by HillRPete

Like: San Marco Aspide.
Acceptable: Selle Italia Filante.
Dislike: San Marco Zoncolan -- not as flat as it looks, lateral slopes make it hard for me to really sit on the bones.

Want to try San Marco Regale -- confident it will fit, and Fizik Antares -- wondering if its as flat laterally, as it looks.

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