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by UpFromOne

I use a BB7 on my winter/rain road bike in the northwest US, but disc on the front only. I got one of those road disc forks from St.John Street, as my frame only takes a 1 1/8 steerer.
Still experimenting with pads & rotors, trying to find super solid performance, nothing sketchy. I do like the Scrub rotors.
Looking forward to trying the new TRP mechanical caliper.

For the front hub, I use the Extralite Hyperfront 24h at 87g. For those looking for 24h road spoking, here's a site with some less costly choices for road use:

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by winky

Speaking of corky and my comments on the previous page... I do think that there is a potential huge problem with brake pad adjustment and lever movement. Here's why...

1) Power isn't everything. To improve braking power you need to move the brake pads closer to the rotor so that when you squeeze the brake lever, the brake pads quickly hit the rotor. The problem is that there are many people like myself that prefer to have the brake pads not situated so close to the rotor that one little bump or ding causes an out of true rotor and you get brake rub

2) Modulation isn't everything. To improve brake modulation there needs to be more lever distance to squeeze. The problem on road handlebars, unlike a straight MTB handlebar, is that the brake lever can bottom out and hit the bend in the handlebars... See this picture of SRAM hydraulic brake lever. You can see that the brake lever is nearly touching the handlebar with the lever squeezed.

Solution: manufacturers need to develop a way so that the brake pads don't have to be snugged up super close to the rotors, yet the brake levers and caliper system work well enough so that the lever does not bottom out and hit the pads. Power isn't everything. Modulation isn't everything. Having a maintenance free system without the levers bottoming out on the handlebar and the brake pads rubbing. Now those are important things.

by Weenie

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by UpFromOne

winky, I also use TRP alloy brake-only road levers on my drop bars. I'm considering milling off a thin portion of the top of the lever itself, in order to create more lever travel. Won't mind that as a result, the lever will sit a bit further out from the bar. A little extra travel will do wonders.

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by HillRPete

UpFromOne, if you used Tektro's linear-pull RL520 levers or similar ones, you should be able to run the road BB7 wide open. Although I got my BB7s dialled not to rub, that's just what I'll be trying (with flatbar levers though, which have the same amount of cable pull).

Personally I don't mind having to pull a little harder, being used to braking on carbon rims :D

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