Front derailleur problem

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by wally318

First let me apologize, this isn't exactly a light weight concern.
But I do have a problem, and hope someone here has the experience to help.
I'm finishing off a retro bike build project. The frame is a 1987 first generation
Trek 3 tube carbon (2500 Pro) And have Sachs 8 speed and going to
Shimano 10 speed. I swapped out the Sachs Front derailleur on the 8 speed
set-up and put in the Shimano ultegra 6600, but the cage travel inwards is not
enough to the last 3 cogs w/o cage rub. That's even after removing metal from where
the inboard side limit screw touches to allow the cage to travel inwards further.
To get it out of the way, I would have to cant the derailleur cage considerably.
It seems to me that the 6500 cage shape is too narrow and parrallel to work in this
set-up. Can anyone recommend a newer front der.(double) that has a more suitable
cage shape and possibly more inward travel ability to deal with this problem.
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by sigismond0

That's normal. Extreme cross chaining will always give you chain rub unless you have some sort of trim. The 6500 shifter should account for this. IIRC, 6500 trims in the small ring, so you should be able to push the shift lever one click over to trim for small ring/small sprocket gearings, then push the second click to get into the big ring.

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