Sram 12/13 Red/Force Compatibility

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by kulivontot

Red 2013 shifters lack the trim click for the FD, because it is unnecessary with newer yaw models. Thus old shifters are forward compatible with yaw derailleurs but newer shifters are not backwards compatible with non-yaw derailleurs.

by Weenie

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by trychle

OK, Thanks. I justed pulled the trigger on a full Sram Red group, elaminating the entire problem :mrgreen:

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by elSid

Has anyone tried using the 2013 10sp Red shifters with a XX rear derailleur and 10sp 11-36 sram or shimano cassette?

Velonews reported that 2013 10sp Red shifters worked perfect with the older Red rear derailleur. I also know that older 10sp Red shifters worked well shifting the XX rear derailleur over a 10sp Sram 11-36 cassette (e.g., David Millar's 2011 Giro S3).

Therefore, it would make sense for the combination I'm asking about to work....but I'm having trouble finding real world examples.

I ask b/c I'm taking a cycling vacation to Switzerland and Italy in August, and as much as I love my Campagnolo, I'm worried that 34x29 won't be low enough on roads like Grosse Scheidegg and Mortirolo for my fat ass.


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by photocycler

am considering running a full 11 speed sram 22 group (prolly new rival or force) but plan to run it 10 speed with a 10 speed cassette. Any idea if that will work?

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by Krackor

11 speed and 10 speed cassette spacing is different. The 11 speed and 10 speed shift levers have different cable pull to accommodate the different cassette spacing.

An 11 speed right shift lever is not compatible with a 10 speed cassette. Best you could do is (like someone mentioned above) take one of the cogs off the 11 speed cassette, leaving 10 cogs with the same spacing as the 11 speed cassette.

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