Dogma 65.1; Look 695 or Colnago C59

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by hdeprins

Choices, choices. As my C50 frame broke for the 2nd time I feel like treating myself with a new bike. My preference is a Colnago C59 but with the troubles I had with my C50 and the rude and awful treatment by Belgian distributor Codagex I'm not in the mood to buy Colnago. I looked at Pinarello Dogma and Look 695. All great bikes I guess. I'm just a regular "tourist", no races, going to the Alps once a year etc. I want something special: good looking, comfortable yet at the same time sporty (stiff, fast,..., a bit aggressive) and hassle free service (not that handy myself) Anyone has opinions about these bikes? What do I need to watch for?

by Weenie

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by Zen Cyclery

I haven't owned a Pinarello, but I have heard some issues from one of the local distributors. They said that the first two frames them purchased from them had ovalized BBs. It required jumping through many hoops to replace them, and it happened twice in a row.

I think the C59 is a great option, but if you had issues with distribution then it may be a no go.

If your going to spend that much money on bike, you should go custom. A framebuilder like would get you a great fit, with extremely high quality manufacturing. Plus he wouldn't make you jump through hoops if you did have a warranty issue.

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by fa63

You are in Belgium, buy a Ridley Noah :)

Out of those choices, I would go with Look 695. They look mean when built up right:



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by kxlight

I would choose the Look 695, and yes the 695 Mondrian is absolutely beautiful!

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by jcumpstay

695 all the way, just make sure you change out the C-Stem for something more aesthetically pleasing.

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by Tumppi

Look 695 for sure.

Our team bikes above BTW. ( mine is black, Kapo's mondrian)

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by sawyer

A biased Look owner here, so I'd say go for the Look.

For me the tech on the Look is better, I prefer the brand, and the look

Look is the most cognoscenti pleasing of the three - Colnago (very nice, but a lot around), Pinerello (nice, but team Sky associations)
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by waypastfast

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by veloman

Look 695 all the way. C59 second and Pinarello third

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by hdeprins

Interesting to hear 695 gets majority vote. One can argue about looks...anyone has thoughts on differentiating factors for me? 50-something, bike is a hobby next to busy job, ride quite a bit...just don't want to ride more than 150k on any day and prefer racing against myself instead of being in a peleton. Going out despite other pressures has to feel like a treat, hence me loving the Colnago C50. A bit of exclusivity, good comfort, yet assurance I have a competitive bike makes training or club ride a feast. Don't want too much trouble with mechanics. These bikes are probably overqualified...yet are there fundamental differences?

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by Tricky1

My vote for Colnago.

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by stanseven

What's funny is this forum and the frames being considered. The Dogma is one of the heaviest and you can get two light frames for the same as it. The Colnago isn't much better. The Look is a reasonable 900g though.

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by NiFTY

695 is the hands down winner.
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by cerro

Colnago is most classy but would like to ride a Dogma 65.1. The look feels a bit like a joke on some parts, not the best wiring where the Dogma and Colnago is nice. The Look got a strange stem that isn't looking so good if you ain't getting it in right length and height. The Dogma 65.1 is a really fat bike and well built. Nice to work with and you can use it with mechanical or electronic without changing frame. The Look can have problem with the crank too, not the best crankset. The biggest advantage with the Look is the seatpost, Look succeeded with that.

And a good dealer is always nice so recommend Dogma. Built some Dogma 65.1, a pair Colnagos and worked on some Look 695s.
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by Weenie

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by brycerider

All nice. As for the Look 695 in my local bunch all three riders have had issues with BB bearings needing replacement annually as well as the chainrings. Pina ride quality is very nice if a little heavy. The C59 is a bit old school in looks and ride quality. IF you are looking at prestige marques then what about a Time?

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