Setting up Enduro GXP to BBright adapter on S5

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by tdudzik

Can anyone give me some help on how this goes? I can't find any clear info on the order of the spacers and such. Right now, with the regular crank, I had as follows

Crank -- grey fsa thin spacer -- thicker black fsa cover -------------- thicker black fsa cover --- grey fsa spacer --- wave washer

Now, the adapter came with its own red thicker dust cover, but only one. Should I use it, or keep the ones that were in there? How should I go about putting the adaptor itself in? Do I still need the thin fsa spacers? They aren't even a mm thick.

Im trying to get my new quarq riken set up

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by drmutley

My experiences with the Enduro GXP adaptor with Cervelo's BBright were terrible... Creaking and noise was the main issue, followed by chain line issues. I put a heap of pics up on the cervelo forum. Thankfully I only had to use this setup for a couple of weeks before I received my RMA BB30 Quarq back...

But try this setup first....

Grease the Enduro adapters and insert them in frame (without BB bearing dust covers between)... Slide drive side crank in without spacers.... The rest is a little trial and error. Place the spindle (star) cover on next and then a 1mm shim, wave washer and 1mm shim in that order and tighten til wavy washer is 50% compressed. Check for lateral play. If there is lateral play, increase shims until lateral play disappears, but don't over compress wavy washer

Here's my tale of woe... Note: don't use any drive side spacers like I did... U shouldn't need them... I did for chain line issues, for reasons I'm still not sure about... One thing is for certain though, ill never use Enduro BB adaptors on the cervelo BBright system again... ... aspx#76164" onclick=";return false;

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