Look keo bearing service guide, any use??

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by a9ennis

Guess the title says it all, as a long term Look Keo user I have eventually had a set of bearing fail on a set of Keo Carbons. After a quick look around this and other forums, I was surprised to see no solutions on replacement of the double inner cartridge bearing replacement (the outer needle roller is not removable, haven't tried thou). Being a mechanical engineer, thought this would be an easy repair and it is. just waiting for the new bearings to arrive but thought is their any demand for a guide to be written or a video put on You tube? :noidea:

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by Tricky1

I was kind of in your position last year with my Keo's. I searched forums and youtube as well, but LOOK warrantied them and sent a new pair. I'm surprised to hear that new bearings are being sent, I would've thought LOOK would do the replacement work (assuming the bearings are coming from them) or just replace the pedals?
In theory the internals are fairly simple, but require a delicate touch when torquing, and the spindle threads can strip easily, especially the carbon/ti keo's. Be careful if you're doing the work...

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