Disc Road bikes in 2013-14, will it happen in mass?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by KLabs

Hi winky and MichaelB, it does introduce a few issues though, they being ... weight, aero, front and rear wheel builds, rear stay and front fork strength, rear staying 130 or going to 135 OLD, front forks staying 100 OLD ... but these issues are being overcome. These issues are on top of the introduction of Shimano 11spd, Tiso 12spd, and SRAM 11spd :)

thanks KL :)

by Weenie

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by MichaelB

For most of use mere mortals, the weight and aero issues are a furphy. Mind you, this is WW.

I just finished building my Volagi Lisco Gen 2 (the 135mm spacing), and it came it at 7.5kg (w/out pedals and bottle cages) for a 57cm frame, with some mildly WW parts - still has Ultegra Shifters, FD & RD, 1,421g wheelset, TRP Parabox with 180 & 160 rotors, 260g saddle and the std very long seatpost (since changed) and 25C tyres.

Spacing is rapidly heading towards 135mm, and with the release of SRAM Red 22 and the Shimano system, it will go from a MTB inspired system to a much more road oriented system.

Frame strength is simple - my Volagi handles as well as a De Rosa Merak Evolution I just tested and is pretty damn stiff to.

Anyway, some will like it, some hate it, but I'm more than happy with what I have :beerchug:

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by winky

I think the bike industry people know what is coming. I'm sure there are going to be more and more die-hard traditionalists, like myself, who will eventually try discs themselves n their friend's bike once discs become more ubiquitous. I think people will start seeing the light.

Discs are good. Real good. And we have the mountain bike industry to thank for the development and refinement of discs. Even the mechanical discs of today are light years better than what was out there many years ago when discs were being introduced to the MTB crowd.

Caliper brakes, sadly, will one day be relegated to the value-priced lines on Road bike manufacturer lineups. Discs are here now. If last year was any indication, we are about to witness a big explosion in road disc bikes soon. That is a good thing.

Svend p
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by Svend p

They're here:

"SRAM Hydro R Hydraulic Road Rim, Disc Brakes Unveiled – Details & First Rides!"

http://www.bikerumor.com/2013/04/15/sra ... rst-rides/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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by eric

Bikerumor test of TRP discs: http://www.bikerumor.com/2013/04/17/trp ... reak-down/

Interestingly, they tested in an area I ride a lot, which has some very steep technical roads. The description of TRPs testing is also interesting. They recommend 160mm front rotors for road bikes.

The claimed weights of the mechanical brakes is in the 150g/caliper range, which is about even with good normal caliper brakes although good WW brakes like EEs are around 100g/caliper.

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by davidalone

UCI's view

http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/will-th ... ro-peloton

anyone buy the 'everyone must have equal stopping power in the peloton or that could cauze accidents' argument?

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by tharmor

davidalone wrote:UCI's view

http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/will-th ... ro-peloton" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

anyone buy the 'everyone must have equal stopping power in the peloton or that could cauze accidents' argument?

I certainly didn't. And I can't imagine they expected anyone to really do so.

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by xnavalav8r

It sounds like the UCI wants to go back to the old days of everyone riding identical bikes and using identical equipment. Maybe the UCI has a future partnership deal with Microshift or some other component manufacturer...

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by maxxevv

They are just saying the industry has not sufficiently "induced" them with "convincing evidence" yet for them to say yes... (If you read between the lines, )

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by jeffy

I was in church this Sunday and the Priest came rolling down the isle on a Sworks Tarmac Disc, so yes, it has happened in mass.

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by CBJ


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by MichaelB

Amen :exactly:

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