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by SGcyclist

Hi, I'm debating the purchase of a pair of HED Jet 5 or 6 and I'm wondering if anyone has any feedback on them for road use. Specifically, change of pace and out of saddle sprints and out of saddle climbing. Seems like most of the reviews are Tri-biased. They would be used daily and raced on. I've got a pair of Mavic CC SLR and SL (yes I also have my tubular bases covered :) ) but I'm curious about the use of the wider rim that Hed uses.

Cheers :D

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by desperado95219

I wouldn't be considering deep rims for climbing due to weight....that said there are ultralightweight rims like Lightweights. The main advantage with a deep rim is maintaining speed once you get it going. (I have a Jet 6 front and 8 rear.) I'd personally recommend lighter wheels for what you are looking at.

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by fignonsbarber

I race in florida, where it is flat. the speeds are high, and no climbing. I have jet 6's and they are very nice at allowing you to save watts when the paceline exceeds 26mph and above. They are really meant for this type of riding. They are heavy, and not overly stiff, so not a great climbing wheel. nice crit wheel also. hope that helps.

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by pritchet74

I am in Northern California and barely anything is flat. I just received my new 2013 Jet 6's last week and I love them. All of last year I rode Jet 9's, then the year before that H3's, then Jet 6's before that, then Jet 9's before that. Every year I change wheels. The newest Jet's are absolutely amazing and there is absolutely no reason that you should not use them. They are not super light, but unless you are doing a hillclimb TT then it really doesn't matter. I am a crit rider and these roll really well - the aerodynamics is top notch. Stiffness is good. You will get a little flex in the rear wheel when sprinting, but nothing that should hit your brake pads. I have my pads set about 2mm from the rim and when I sprint (~1400W) they do not touch. They are great wheels - get them and you will not be disappointed.

If you get them, be sure to get Continental GP 4000s 23c tires. That is the tire that tests best in the wind tunnel with those wheels and the one represented in the aero charts on the Hed website. When mounted, the tires measure 25mm. Great rolling tires too. Right now you can get them on probikekit for $46. Of course, yesterday they were $35....
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by bigcalves

I would agree with what pritchet74 said. I have been on Mavic wheels for a while (CC SLR's), rode some Zipps and ENVE's this winter, and bought a pair of the 2013 JET 6's. I think they are a really nice wheel set for all around use/racing. They are also cheaper than many other wheels and as much as they weight more, the alumnim brake track is better in every situation. No they are not that light, but it is interestign talking to HED about their point of view on it, they really do not focus on weight, and indicated unless you are really climbing, they feel their wheels are faster, even thought they are heavier. The wheels roll very well, with nice hubs and to me at the 60 mm depth they feel more like a 50 mm wheel, due to the shaping and width. As for the wide rims they really give the tire a nice shape and are great in corners. I put a set of 25 Schwable's on there at first, but with the wide rim it made the tire too big. So I went down to a 23 and as pritchet74 said it is really like a 25. HED says that a 23 is the best size for those wheels in terms of the tire/wheel interfact.

Overall I think HED does not get the respect they deserve. I found that not a lot of guys ride their wheels, but those that do love them. I know this is weight wennies, so if the only thing one is looking at is weight, you will probabbly skip HED, but if you are looking at how a wheel rides overall they are worth it.

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