Valve lock on a tubie

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by Andrewjn

Have a slight problem which I hope WW's can help with. I am using Vittoria CR tubies that do not have removable valve core or screw off at the tyre that allows for a complete valve extension change out to the right length. I thought that I had left the valve sufficiently screwed open when putting on the extension but over time( 3 months) it has worked its way closed meaning I cannot pump it up. Obviously I would prefer not having to rip it off and was wondering if there is some nifty way or securing the top of the valve through the extension that would allow me to screw it back open again.

by Weenie

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by sungod

if you can unscrew the extension it'll give you more space to work in

then use a bit of tubing that'll fit tight over the end of the core, push it on and unscrew

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by system787

If it's only lightly closed, you could just flip your valve extender upside down, push down firmly against the valve core and try to turn it open. Happened to me a few times and I just ended up doing that.

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by Geoff

That is exactly the reason we don't use them. While the 'right' answer is to remove the tire and re-do it with a 'proper' extender, the smart thing to do is to try to open the valve.

Try to unthread the valve extender. If you can't do it easily, don't force it, you could damage the interface between the valve and tube. I did this for a neighbor before (Tri-geek) with a small wooden dowel with a little tubular glue on it. It worked. Fortunately (unfortunately) he promptly rode through a whole pile of broken glass in the alley behind his house and cut his race tires to ribbons (doctors)! He learned not to ask the LBS to do that work...

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by mrd

topeak valve extenders have an internal "tube" designed for exactly this situation. They open and close the valve screw even when the extender is fitted. However, you can usually achieve the same with a thin but rigid plastic tube, like you get with spray lubes etc. You just need to open up or widen the end a bit to fit tightly over the valve screw.

by Weenie

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by thisisatest

Mavic has extenders that are specifically designed to be flipped around to screw/unscrew the presta valve. it grips them just right.
Next time, though, you should "jam" the valve open by unscrewing the valve nut a little further than you normally can by hand (ie turn w pliers 1/8 of a turn more).

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