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by buzz

Hi Guys , i cant make my mind up tubs or clinchers , i have always fancied tubs but never made the leap , yes i know the wheelsets are lighter ,there meant to roll better etc etc but are they really worth the hassle ?? u punture they r a pain to fix IF fixable at all , is this sacrifice worth it , tubs are generally used just for race days but are they that much better ,as clinchers tyres are getting better and better . are they more puncture prone compaired to clinchers , the list goes on n on , advice would be greatful

cheers people :noidea:

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by bricky21

Gimme a break!

This has been one of the most argued cycling related topics on the entire internet. Do we really need another one?

Please lock this thread.

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by buzz

great reply NOT!!!!!!! guess u havent got a clue then

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by solarider

Go for tubulars, they are better.

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by solarider

Go for clinchers, they are better.

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by solarider

Oh, I don't know. Read the millions of opinions already published on this one, seriously.

While you are at it, can you let me know whether SRAM, Shimano or Campagnolo are better?

Oh, and steel, titanium, aluminium and carbon as a frame material too?

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by bricky21

buzz wrote:great reply NOT!!!!!!! guess u havent got a clue then


Quite the contrary.

There's just no point in relentlessly re-litigating the same old topic that ends up in an incomprehensible pissing match.

Maybe others will disagree, and be drawn into yet another debate on tubulars vs. clinchers even though there's already an uncountable number of posts on that very topic.

Have fun.

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by Rick

IMO tubulars are slightly "better" in many ways.
But clinchers are much more convenient in many ways, and close enough in performance that I always ride them. I still have a very nice set of tubulars that I used to use only for important races, but I jest never even pull them out any more.

There is no "better". It is a series of trade-offs and compromises that only you can decide upon. If you have never ridden tubulars, you probably owe it to yourself to at least try them.

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by cerro

Tubulars. I got a roadbike, a mtb and a commuter, tubulars an all.

Clinchers is easier if you puncture but If you don't puncture your tires I really recommend tubulars. Greater feeling if you have something like FMB or other high end tire instead of hard clinchers. And you get lighter rims.
/jonas l
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by tommasini

buzz wrote:great reply NOT!!!!!!! guess u havent got a clue then

A search for such an often asked question please :thumbup:

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by jasjas

You really do need to do more research than just posting your question....... even i know that googling tub v clincher will bring up a multitude of threads
That said, why not just get some? folk were riding on them for yrs without any probs.

A set of Ambrosio rims and hubs will cost you less than £400, stick some Vittoria cx s on and you can post back and tell us what you think. . or schwalbe milanos if you want a cheaper training tub.
Again loads of youtube vids of Conti and vittoria gluing methods.

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by Guy

Tubs for my race wheels, clinchers for training. End of.

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by ParisCarbon

He has 30 posts, he's new, lets play nice even though this topic has been beaten to death over and over and over...

In my opinion, the PROPER tire/tube combination can be very close to a tubular... (be prepared to pay almost the same for the quality clincher with a latex tube for the same quality tubular) I run Veloflex Corsas with a Latex tube on my Mavic SLRs and asolutely love them... I also run Vittoria Corsa CX on my tubular TT wheels, and love em....

Things to consider (well things I consider)
a) The quality of the roads I ride on (broken glass, rocks, debris etc) Where I live road mntnce is non existant, so I opted for clinchers.. if I go train on the smooth 11km loop in the park, I'll pull out my good clinchers or tubular wheels...I don't know anyone where I am that can properly repair a tubular either, so once it was sliced, it was done.. unlike a clincher...

b) Are you willing to carry all the extra stuff needed for tubular flats (slime, an extra tire under your seat?) I personally am a minimalist when I go out.. I have 2 innertubes, 2 CO2s, a small handpump, a valve adapter if Im near a gas station to use the gas station air pump, tire irons, and a few allenkeys, and the all important charged cellphone...I always found when I started riding in the late 80s, tubulars were the "big thing" but I never felt the spare tire I just put on was "locked down to the rim" properly... its flat as a pancake where I am, the biggest downhill is the cloverleaf off the highway.. but I sure wouldn't feel comfortable coming down a mountain with an unsecure tire!!

Wheel wise, the choices between all the companies is out of control and you can get anything you can think of these days... They all have their pros, they all have their cons...

Like someone else said.. clincher train, tubular race is a safe bet...

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by sawyer

Go for tubs all round as long as you have a flat strategy sorted and/or can live with the very occaisional significant hassle like a train home when all else fails.

Depends obviously on where you're riding ... if it's a local loop you know well and can manage the puncture risk then the case is all the stronger.
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by Bestrick

I've been running Easton EA70 clinchers for 3 years but looking in to a set of tubular wheels.

Should I stay with the Clinchers?

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