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A e o l u s
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by A e o l u s


I posted a topic before about my Giant TCR Composite.

I have now got a new project. It is a new Time Trial bike. I have been offered a new Giant TCR Aero, by my LBS for a very reasonable price. I currently have a time trial bike, but the frame is old and this is a much better option.

My plans are:
1. Get the frame (I have attached some pictures)
2. Fit the old equipment

The current equipment is Shimano 105 9speed, however my wheels are 10speed, my plan is to change the 9speed deraillieur (rear) for the new 10speed 105 one which will enable me to use these wheels with the new bike. The bike has bar end shifters on friction so this is not a problem.

My questions/thoughts, that I'd like to recieve feedback from are:

The frame is not great colours, how much would it be for a respray?
Can I get the graphics off the bars (pics attached)
What other advantages for minimal money, should I do? Thinking, Solid Chainring?

Bearing in mind I have £250.00 for rest of what I want:
105 10speed deraillieur
105 10speed chain

This leaves me with £180-190 to spend elsewhere on the bike

all help/suggestions will be grately recieved

Frame: ... 7506ip.jpg

Bars: ... 6372kn.jpg ... 6397wl.jpg ... 6388mp.jpg ... 6405cr.jpg
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by Pantani

No disrespect but why would you want to respray the frame - will it make you go faster?

Forget about messing around with fripperies like solid chain rings.

Buy yourself a quality skinsuit, shoe covers and aero helmet.

Then start saving for a disc wheel - secondhand or a Renn.

Followed by a deep section front wheel.

PS The frame is fine - I rode one for a couple of seasons - theres nothing particularly aero about it but its a decent frame for reasonable money - and quite light - 1.4kilos.

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by Cyco

premiumjack: You do't need a 10sp rear derailleur to run 10sp. IF you wish you can continue to run your 9sp one, but you will need 10sp shifters to get the 10 clicks.

9sp will work on the 10sp wheels (unless they are DA).
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Resident Pro
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by simon

i would also say you should rather buy 10 speed shifters, because in races the indexed shiftiing helps a lot(i usually don't have enough air in my brain to concentrate on the frictioned shifting). for functional issues i would also buy 10 speed chainwheels, for functional and optical reasons the dura ace ones. yes, then start to save money for disc and aero frontwheel.

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by ms6073

You know that frame is sort of considered a limited edition right?


At the time that frame was introduced, it was Giant's only TT frame and although Giant did make a production run, the numbers produced were less than 500 or so. Also, because a number of the frames where slated for use by ONCE (this is prior to the teams getting the composite TT frame prototypes), availability and distribution were very limited and there are less than 50 framesets here in the US. As for the graphics, although I may be mistaken, under those decals the frame should be annodized black and as already mentioned by another forum member, painting would simply add weight. If you are not happy with the decals make your own and change them out with the current decals. The decals are not clear coated and can be easily removed with a heat gun on low heat and some patience.
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A e o l u s
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by A e o l u s

Well I didn't know that,

I dont have a "heat gun" so what could I use to remove the decals?

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Samu Ilonen
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by Samu Ilonen

How about hair dryer? Warm enought.

A e o l u s
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by A e o l u s

Just to reopen this thread. I pick the frame up on Friday, and I should hopefully, have it built up by next Wednesday. I have however got the tribars, steam and I also have been busy this afternoon "tuning" my SLR, I ripped all the padding off, removed the excess glue and then sanded it down with some Wet n Dry paper, results shown below.
T2 Front.JPG

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