Is a budget WW build possible?

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by Dheorl

I've been looking through these forums and at weights online for a possible WW build and have started to wonder if it is even possible on my budget. I think I've got sorted what frame/forks and rims/tyres I want. It leaves me with about £800 to get the lightest drivechain and "controls" possible. I'd like to go lightweight to the point of a pure carbon saddle etc but have fallen out of knowing what the cheaper niche brands are.

Anyone able to give some pointers at some brands/products that are cheap and light? I think here in the UK campagnolo might be the best groupset for price to weight and I need an aluminium seatpost due to the need for a quick release, but beyond that I'm pretty open to ideas.

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by Weenie

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by xnavalav8r

Not to sound flippant, but look through eBay and the like. You can always find some really good deals there. If you don't mind going with some second hand parts, you can save a lot of money and shave considerable weight from your build. Just do a little checking on the sellers to ensure you are dealing with reputable people.

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