Light, crazily narrow shoes

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by coastrider

You can special order Sidi road shoe in Narrow!

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by Briscoelab

Sidi narrow or Specialized are going to be your best bet.

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by Nutellaurent

some sidi models can be adjusted to be narrower at the heel, like the ergo carbon for example

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by tinozee

I have long, narrow feet and have tried tons of brands - Sidi is the best for me. The ergo 3 or the wire are super nice and supportive and great fit for a narrow foot. I also have not much meat on my foot so I can't use roomy shoes. There is this issue with shoe makers where they assume as the foot gets longer it gets fatter. Not always true! Then again, it's a business and they have to shoot for the largest common denominator. What I love about sidi is that the different models use different lasts and widths, so you can ask a Sidi rep or email them to see if there is an ideal show. They make tons of custom shoes for their sponsored pros, i would love some custom sidis!

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by TwiggyTN

You can do a lot of tuning with different insoles for narrow low volume feet. I've had good luck with Sidi Wires and Bont Vaypors and trying different insoles to get a good fit.

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by jipperd

I might have an idea. Can you measure the length of the insole you need and the width that you suggest would be ok. (Or a indication measure the Sidi insoles and it may be a bit smaller).

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by campbellrae

My GF is away visiting family until Wednesday, so I will do it then. I'm pretty sure the internal length needs to be 27.7 or 27.8 cm, unsure of the width though as I can't find anything showing Shimano internal width dimensions. If it's any help, standard Shimano mens shoes in a size 44 left her heel quite loose, and just seemed to have too much 'volume' while being the correct length.



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by Maximilian

Campbell, I think Sidi is your best bet as the Ergo 2,3 and Wires have an adjustable heel cup. A screw on either side to make it tighter. I use the Ergo 2 and am very pleased

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by tinozee

I have the same issue as you, long narrow foot. It seems they design almost all of these shoes for sausage feet.

The best I can do is a 48 Sidi Ergo 3 with double insoles to get rid of the empty volume. What i want to know is - who has a long and narrow foot with a bunch of meat on top? No wonder there is such a big market for custom cycling shoes, the shoe makers just can't get it right. I guess they make shoes mostly for the fat weekend warrior or the stubby little men. Fyi companies - most long term cyclists are thin!

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by jpanspac

I'm also interested in trying the Specialized narrow shoes, but they've been "Coming Soon" for nearly a year. Anyone have any insight on when they'll be available?
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by aaric

Some sizes of the narrow specialized shoes are available to order direct from (42, 42.5, 45.5, 46)

That being said, I managed to get a normal width Specialized shoe to barely work for me, with the addition of a footbed. The Bonts didn't work for me - the ratchets were defective, and the shoes were way heavier than spec'd.

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by aaric

coastrider wrote:You can special order Sidi road shoe in Narrow!

The Genius 5.5 is the highest end sidi available in narrow, from what I could find to actually order. And they are comparatively I stated in the original post

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