2014 Canyon Aeroad

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by tymon_tm

hi, does anyone know whether 2014 Aeroad will somehow differ from the 2013 model? i'm holding my finger on the 'buy now' button for the current frameset, but since i saw some photo of a blue-grey Aeroad here on WW (can't find it...) and heard some rumours, maybe it's worth to wait till spring? :noidea:
kkibbler wrote: WW remembers.

by Weenie

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by Pharmstrong

Nope. I was hoping there would be a new one with cues from the Speedmax, but the 2014 Aeroad is the same frame as 2013.

http://www.canyon.com/eurobike2013/down ... 013_en.pdf

2014 catalog.

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by ichobi

Seems like just cosmetic changes. I think we will see a lot of first gen aero road bike getting revamped comes fall next year. Aeroad, S5, Venge... They were introduced roughly in the same year (2011). I was also waiting to see if the Aeroad gets updated, at least the new graphic looks more agreeable though.

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by willxtwo1973

Hi all. As a disclaimer before I say what I am going to say about the Aeroad, I am a massive Canyon fan and am now the very happy owner of a 2013 CF SLX 7.0 In size Large which is a super stiff, great handling race bike. Just wanted to give my opinion on the Aeroad. Am not sure if the frame has changed for 2014 but I ordered the 2013 model 7.0 in size large and found it incredibly flexy to the point of feeling unsafe. The week before I got it I rode in the Alps on the my Tarmac S-Works and felt really confident on some fairly demanding Alpine descents. When I rode the Aeroad in contrast, College Road in East Dulwhich felt scary! I have previously owned a Pinarello Treviso, Cannondalae Six13 Pro, Sigma Chronos and a 2008 Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL and have down a fair amount of riding /racing in the past 10 years. In comparison to all of these bikes the Aeroad felt extremely flexy - the notion that the front did not feel connected to the back end really rang true for me. I even felt it spring back on me on a fairly tame descent when passing over a quite innocuous bump in the road. In the end I sent it back and swapped it for the CF SLX which is absolutely superb - light, stiff and corners really predictably. Just wanted to share to maybe help others make an informed choice – all very subjective I know but the Aeorad in my view looks incredible but rides very poorly (maybe its just the larger sizes? I know Purito has riden one to a lot of victories!). So you know I am a 6 ft tall 76kg rider so I guess not super big or super small. Would be great to hear other peoples opinions on the Aeroad. As another aside, when looking at alternative aero road bikes, I test rode a Neil Pryde Alize which handled really well - very stiff when climbing yet comfortable with a good Tour Magazine aero test score. In the end went with the CF SLX as the frame, wheels and finishing kit was such amazing value and now so far really love it.

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