Pelizzoli or Colnago

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by ianeverton

I am looking to buy a build project for the summer and would like some opinions on the final 2 frames I have chosen, they are...

Pelizzoli Corsa GP or Colnago Master X Light

As I have a C59 was going to go for the Master, however the more I look at the Pelizzoli I am edging that way. Plus you do not see as many Pelizzoli bikes on the UK roads.

Has anybody ridden or seen both models, how do they ride, what do they look like in the flesh etc ?

Thanks in advance.

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by gravity

Would love to hear some views on this too.

Mr Pelizzoli has been building bikes since the 80's if im not mistaken having built for Ciocc and Concorde. He must have the experience and know-how in frame building industry and surprisingly he doesn't charge a fortune as compared to American frame builders (no offence to the ppl of US of A..)

by Weenie

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by fignonsbarber

If you are asking for an opinion, colnago master all the way. If you do a search on some of the other forums, you will see a lot of reports of sloppy workmanship from pelizolli, which was easier to accept when they were priced at 600 euros last year. Not acceptable at their current prices. Plus, more paint options with colnago if you are looking for "uniqueness".

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by kgt

Colnago Master X Light.
You will never regret it.

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by td100

I would suggest you contact Mike Perry at

He is a long time Colnago dealer and sells Pelizolli. also if you are looking for a premium steel frame also look at Tommasini

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by bura

Look less on the Pelizzolli and go for the Colnago :-)
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by maverick_1

Note however you can get custom sizing on a Pelizzoli.
You don't get that on a Colnago Master.


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by rico

by Weenie

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by nobrakes71

Went to see MIke at Mastro a few months ago, he was showing his Pelizzoli frames. Very nice, super light (lighter than colnagos), a true work of art.

If you ask Mike, I'm sure he will recommend the Pelizzoli's.

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