Castelli Velocissimo Equipe Vest -- how water resistant

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by HillRPete

Looking to get me a nice vest for shorter rainy spring rides and chilly early summer morning starts. Does anyone know how water resistant the Velocissimo Equipe vest is? My other pick would be the Compatto Rain vest.

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by 1415chris

Can't comment on Velocissimo, but speaking about Compatto, it's very compact indeed.
Bear in mind it isn't made of stretch fabric as the Velocissimo and others are. And probably it depends on the fitting, but the shoulder area tends to flutter making a very noticeable noise, especially with higher speed.

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by MattSoutherden

Given the front and shoulders are made from the same fabric as the Gabba, then they will be pretty good. But the back is made of regular fabric, so won't offer any protection from the rain coming down, or spraying up from the back wheel.
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by gazzaputt

I own one and it isn't to bad at all. Light rain or a shower you'll stay dry a torrential down pour you wont.

There is a large spray panel on the lower rear so it will protect your back.

All in all a very good bit of kit

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by Monkeyboy3333

my vel vest went back to wiggle, flappy at the shoulders ( this may be my body shape of course ) and i was creating my own moisture at the back to the point it was chilling me past being comfortable. i don't think it would have kept rain out at all but didn't keep long enough fwiw.

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by HillRPete

I went with the Leggero in the end, which is a great piece of kit. Just a very thin and easily removable layer on top when you don't want to add another base layer or heavier jacket. The mesh back is surprisingly good at letting sweat escape, even over the course of a several hour long ride.

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