Serfas Ghost Carbon Saddle

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by 604Yarks

Anyone have experience with these?

Put in a couple of weeks riding on my new CAAD 10 now, and I'm finding the Prologo Kappa Evo saddle it came with a bit uncomfortable, largely I think because there isn't much of a cut-out. (Sit bones seem fine).
Was particularly notable when I did a long stint in the drops & pushing moderately hard about half way through a 3 hour ride today.
I'm thinking to stick with it for a while, as perhaps it's just "breaking-in" (and I do like that it matches the frame paint), but I've started eyeballing what's out there while looking for distractions from my thesis :roll:
LBS has the above noted Serfas saddles for $149, which is actually less than their msrp per serfas's website.
Weight is 155g with carbon rails, which is about 100g less than the Kappa.
Most notably, it has a large cut-out to take care of our good buddy, the perineal artery.

Appreciate any thoughts, reviews or feedback!

*added link: ... e%7C75%7C1
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by 604Yarks

Hmm, lots of views, no thoughts, is this a relatively obscure brand then?
To be honest, I'd not really heard of them before, though I see their saddles in a few of the LBS.
Forum search only turned up references to some wheels/tires they made (and those posts were a few years old)
2013 CAAD 10 105
My wallet gets more weight-weenie by the day.

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by monkeyburger

Hey There,
I don't know if it helps you out or not, but I've used THIS Serfas saddle for a couple of years on my travel bike.
It seems to use the same shape as the one you indicated although the flexibility may be somewhat different given the carbon base.
I've found this to be extremely comfortable even for 8 hour rides. The only thing that is a negative for me is the tail section, where I prefer the slight up curve that my favorite San Marco saddles provide.
In a nutshell, if you have ever wished for a more flexible Selle Italia slr, this is it.
Best Regards,
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by TOflat

The Serfas Ghost (black) and Phantom (White) are relatively new for this year. My shop sells A LOT of the Serfas hybrid saddles and it was only natural to bring these in for a test.
Definitely Weight-Weenie approved, and budget friendly. We sell them for $149.99 and have had about 4 or 5 of them go out. Serfas has a 90-Day comfort guarantee on all of their saddles (These included), and it's a great point of having something that you can actually test for an extended period of time and see whether or not it works for you. Personally I would recommend it to anyone who wants to do lightweight on a budget. Great company to deal with.

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