Time stems? actual lengths?

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by iamblichus

I have heard people say that Time's stems usually measure 5mm longer than the specified size. it seems to match my experience. my 110 RXR stem does seem to be 115.

can anyone confirm this?


p.s. i'm looking for a VXRS WS or VRS Vibraser in Small if anyone is looking to sell.

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by sammyboy

I've just measured my Ulteam 120mm stem. It measures 120mm C-C from the bottom of the bar to the bottom of the stem. Across the top it's more like 127mm.

Their measurement seems to refer to the underside measurement. Not sure how other brands measure theirs.

by Weenie

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by bigskyTi

Measuring mine I get 120mm on a 120 spec. You've got to measure along the side to get the real length I think.

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by Gregorio

My 120mm Time stem measures 120mm....

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by tobyinsydney

You sure it was Time owners stems that measured longer? ;)

(proud Time owner)

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