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by derosa2000

borza wrote:
Fri Aug 24, 2018 5:42 pm
Hi guys, need some advice on buying the Colnago V2-R.
Not sure whether I should choose a 50s or 52s. I currently ride a 2009 Fuji Roubaix size 56 which is a bit big by my account. Longer rides tend to cause some neck/shoulder/upper back pain. :(

I've replaced the stem with a shorter one (100 mm), and pushed the sadddle all the way forward, which helped to a degree. However, I still feel that my saddle is too far backward based on the knee/pedal spindle position in 3 o'clock position. I also did not get rid of the shoulder pain.
Been planning this for a long time and I really hope to solve my fitting and poor bike issues, so any help would be immensely appreciated! :beerchug:
Any owners out there, please give your input! :thumbup:

Here are my measurements:
Inseam: 82.5 cm
Trunk: 66 cm
Forearm: 35.5 cm
Arm: 64.5 cm
Thigh: 58 cm
Lower leg: 54.5 cm
Sternal notch: 148.5 cm
Total height: 176 cm
50s ! no doubt ..

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by borza

Thanks derosa2000! Couldn't reply to your PM, but I've already found a sweet deal on it, plus I want to avoid Di2.
Appreciate the offer, though!

by Weenie

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by diego83

Hi,I need advice about Giant Tcr frame size.
I'm about 173-174 cm tall,with 82 insteam.
Saddle high 72.5 cm
Saddle seatback 33.0-33.5 cm
Saddle-bar 80.5 cm
Saddle-bar drop 9 cm
I think I can use either S and M and i'm probabily between the two size.
I've seen S size and the frame seems too small(the distance between bootom bracket and the center in front hub is about 57 cm),the weelbase is very short.
In M size i should use a short stem,i think 100 mm or less.Normally i use 110 mm.
I'd ask you an opinion about.

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by betwo

i want buy a fm066 but I'm not clear about my size
my measurements:
Actual inseam 76 cm
Trunk 68 cm
Forearm 32 cm
Arm 60 cm
Thigh 54 cm
Lower leg 52 cm
Sternal notch 141 cm
Total height 172 cm

I'm between 50 -52 I do not want something aggressive for a beautiful herniated disc that I have,what dou you recommend?

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by osw000

Hey guys,

Cheers from Girona, Spain.

This is my first post in WW, so it goes as an introduction and inquiry about bike fit fine tuning altogether. I'm WW at heart but still have to solve the following doubts before starting shaving weight on my current anchor boat (8kgs with pedals)

Earlier this year I got my first road bike after practicing MTB only. I got a Pinarello GAN 515 Shimano 105 (2016) and after some rides went to a biomechanic to fit it properly.
We analyzed discomforts, previous injuries, flexibility and dynamics on the bike. I suffered IT syndrome lately from running, so I was concerned about it.

My measurements and bike fit :
175cm height
81.5cm inseam.

74,5cm saddle height.
50cm nose to handlebar center. > I changed saddle and now I can only get 51,5cm with the new Speedneedle and my offset seatpost.
3,5cm nose to BB
5cm of spacers.
8cm saddle to handlebar drop.
11cm stem.
8cm/12cm: handlebar reach/drop

I went with a 72cm saddle height that was raised 2,5cm up to 74,5cm. With a lot of fore saddle, leaving BB to saddle nose in 3,5cm and saddle rails pushed all the way to the front.
That helped in getting a more upright position and pedaling efficiency somehow. I've also got some degrees of shims under my cleats to compensate for my slightly bow arched legs. So far so good.

After a good a amount of kms. I'm starting to learn by experience and doing minor tweaks and one saddle change. So some doubts about frame size and bike components arised. Biomechanic eluded to make any observation about bike sizing or component change. Just fitted what I got him.

Summarizing my experience after the fit:
1) When my position was upright on the hoods the reach felt about right, but experienced saddle numbness. Now with a new saddle numbness problems disapeared but I find it a bit far yet, so I need a zero seatback post to get it right.
2) When on the drops I feel OK. Not strange since I carry a hell of a spacers stack. Anyway the new Speedneedle saddle made the difference.
3) On descents I feel my weight going too far forward and the bike feels small, too squeezed (edited: the oposite to stretch). I rotated a little bit the bar for better reach of brake levers and it made a huge difference in self confidence altough very forward balanced.
Note: I can see the front hub over the handlebar.

Also I got an annoying toe overlap which almost made me kiss the ground twice when making U turns at low speed.

Playing with bikegeocalc with a larger frame (53) I'm not able to figure out If I could get a better fit with a larger frame (still mantaining the zero setback seatpost, to get the correct BB to saddle), or I should try to fix the reach with different stem-handlebar combination (1cm shorter stem and compact bar).

In short, do I start swaping components and stay with this frame or would a larger frame/different geo make things easier?
Pinarello GAN 2016 - SRAM eTap - Alu wheels. 7,2kgs.

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by gtharv

Some saddles are different from each other so have your bike to fit perfectly to your body for correct height and angle. Upright positioning is very important to avoid saddle sores which have less impact on you bum bones. check out different types of bike saddles that prevent numbnes

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by maxice


Finally decided on a Colnago C64 but have a query over frame sizes.

I believe I am in between a 45s or 48s going by several websites

Measurements as follows:
Height 169cm
Inseam 75.5cm

Have had a retul fit in the past with the following details:
Saddle height 68cm
Saddle setback -4.7cm
Saddle angle -1deg
Eff Seat tube angle 74deg
Grip Angle 30deg
Handlebar reach 49.7cm
Handlebar drop -4.6mm
Grip Reach 59cm
Grip drop -1.2cm
Bar Reach 4.2cm
BB to Grip reach 54.4cm
Handlebar Stack 59.3cm
Handlebar reach 45cm

Which frame size would be better? Would probably prefer the smaller frame but would this be comfortable?. Need to also consider any toe overlap (would this be an issue in a smaller frame?)


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by muddevil

Hi Guys!
Any thoughts on this brake surface?


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