Mystery Si SL creak

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by logy

Hi All

crankset with spidering installed as per manual, all greased etc. Creaks begin after about 1 hour. Chain lubed then go away to recur. Any ideas?

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by Martin.F

New chainring and chain? No creaks when chain is "dripping lubed"? I suspect difference in wear between drivetrain components.
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by topflightpro

Is it possible that it's the bearings that are creaking? This is a noted problem and if you search for BB30 creak, you can read a lot about it. If that is the issue, it can be solved with loctite.

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by headwind816

Honestly, I would start by pulling the pedals and greasing the spindles. To me, it is the lowest hanging fruit. This action solved one of my creaking issues. Another time, one of my ring bolts was a bit loose.

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by keith

I had a very strange creak once which went away if I lubed the cleat surface where it clipped into the pedal ( I used furniture polish spray!). Went away completely when I put new cleats on my shoes, the old ones were almost worn out. Pedals were carbon Shimano SPD-SL's
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by petepeterson

It is probably the BB30
2/3's of my BB30 bikes have creaked.

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by thisisatest

Try going for a ride purely to get the bike to creak. I think it'll come around in less than five minutes. See if it's when standing/sitting, how dependent it is on effort, whether the bike has to be tossed side to side dramatically to make it creak louder, hand efforts, etc. narrow it down and get back to us.

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by bura

@petepeterson: I am with you. But as he says "after 1 hour ride" ? Really?
I have experienced more often some chain ring bolts which were not equally torqued.
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