Pedal discussion, again.

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by toastie

I have a dodgy knee ( old motorcycle injury ) and have in the past tried spd and look etc. They're all seemed ok for a bit but no matter how i tried to set them up after about 20 miles i always ended up with knee pain and so gave up and went back to flats. Then a few months back after riding more road then MTB ( and being ridiculed for flats and 510's on a road bike ) i tried a set of speedplay frog pedals and i am stunned at how good they have been, no knee pain from the day i set them up even after long rides of several hours.

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by 2old4this

UpFromOne wrote:re: xpresso, you talking about the 6, 8, or 12 model? some are light, some not.

I've tried both 12 and 15. Got rid of the 12 cause the back of them were not heavy enough to put the cleats up right all the time. Half the time, I ended up looking at them to clink in (it may have been a defective pair...) 15s are the easiest ones to engage and disengage and most comfortable for me. Yes, they are extremely light. However, I keep asking myself "is this going to break?" So far so good on two of the bikes but...

Shimano is virtually maintenance free. Put them on and forget. They are very study but much heavier then xPresso. Still most of my bikes do have DAs. So they are my favorites...

I've stopped using SpeedPlays years back when they started suing people (rightly or wrongly...) I guess I was simply looking for a reason since I just don't want to maintain my pedals every other month.

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by jlaitinen

I have M785 SPD's on my commuter and Speedplays on my road bike. Really happy with both, but would like to try out the Coombe Millenium 2's. The price is just way way too high from europe (almost 500 euros with import taxes)

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by userfriendly

I've got Exustar carbon/ti pedals (E-PR200CKTI): they're Look Keo compatible, but weigh only 180g a pair. Have been bomb proof, never had any issues with them.

They also do a cheap version (E-PR100PP) that's still reasonably light for the £20 price, 256g a pair. Been using those on another bike, likewise no issues at all.
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by plag

I have XTR pedals on my Scott Scale MTB and my Bianchi road bike, I prefer the easy clipping in and walking around in commuting shoes .

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