Leaning my bike to the left

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by MattSoutherden

digitalnorbs wrote: i did a test and used a shim on my left shoe 3mm, that brougt me back up to more centered postion and when looking at the top tube i can see the bb area almost even, now it seems as the left foot bottoms out sooner then the right side. Im going to take off the shim and drop the saddle a bit tonight,what about moving cleats side to side, would that do anything?

Yes, be careful. Obviously I can't see what is happening to you, but in general, if your seat is too high you will rotate to accommodate your dominant leg. That makes it appear as though you can 'correct' things (from a perceptive point of view) by shimming. But in this case you will most likely end up with more problems, as you become twisted in the pelvis and lower back.
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by kenleekenlee

road crown. ride on the opposite side of the street, and you will find yourself leaning the other way.

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