Where to find derailleur hanger for generic bikes

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by PoorCyclist

I have a generic / house brand bike, I want to find derailleur hanger for it.
Not sure where to start.. wheels mfg catalog?
found this site:

eyeball match is the best way?

The store I bought it from is not alot of help.

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by SUCycling88

Try and match it to one on wheels mfg's website, or qbp. It should match something thats currently on the market.

by Weenie

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by dwb

Contact wheels mfg. http://wheelsmfg.com/derailleur-hanger-tech-help

I called and emailed pictures to them. They were really helpful.

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by kode54

i had great results from derailleurhanger.com

i eyeballed it based on the bike manufacturer. the fit was perfect.
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