Elite Qubo trainer - after 18km

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by project3

these photo was taken immediately after my 18km on my newly purchase Elite Qubo Hydromag trainer. Im using Conti GP4000S. I also noticed the dust is only coming from 1 side. Did i not mount it correctly?



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by thisisatest

I'd clean the roller with whatever they recommend to clean it, and and the tire too. Next time you install it, make sure there is enough tension from the roller to the tire. Is this one of those trainers that relies on the rider's weight to tension the roller?

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by Powerful Pete

Get a trainer specific tire...
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by dmp

What Pete said. I learned this the same way you did. It's not a bad idea to put a cheap yoga mat under the trainer to preserve your floor, too.

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by mattr

Powerful Pete wrote:Get a trainer specific tire...
wheel and cassette. Its a lot less hassle all round. 30 seconds to swap instead of 10 minutes. And you can usually pick up a cheap wheel (i use R500) for about 50 quid, and use a semi retired cassette.

The worst bit is when you spray dirty oil and melted rubber up the wall behind you. Having a trainer tyre, and something on the wall behind you saves a whole load of pain!

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by Geoff

I think that you are using too much tension on the roller. Try backing-off until you have just enough tension to keep the tire from slipping. Also, is it a new tire?

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by dcpdpayne

I've had that happen before, and the suggestion of the trainer tire is right on. I like the blue Trax version. It's hard as a rock and seems to hold up well enough. I've always heard that the Continental version is damn near impossible to mount, but I've not tired it for myself.

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by jmartpr

I have seen this before with Elite top trainer like the Realaxion, RealPower etc.
If the tire is new this will happen but you also have two things you need to be sure they are within specs.
One is the tire presure and the second is the tension of the unit on the tire.
If any of these is not correct you can have premature tire wear as well on the roller...which is worst as it can't be replaced.

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