Firefly Carbon-Ti

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by phallenthoul

First, I'm not a shill, apparently..
Second, check this baby out.. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
link to Firefly:

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by canbakay

i've been drooling over this for weeks..really is something. Not cheap though.

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by Wingnut

Love the Firefly's on a whole...Merlin used to be the best ages ago, then I thought Seven were good but Firefly take the cake...they're even nicer than BAUM too...
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by xnavalav8r

These Firefly bikes are beautiful, but what's really impressive is the quality of the people behind the bikes. They donate a lot of time, product, and money to bike-related charities and causes. For a small company to donate a handful of high-end, custom bikes to charitable causes every year takes a big bite out of their profit margin. If (when?) I buy another bike, it will be a Firefly.

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by DrGalactus

So, that's the prettiest bike I've ever seen.

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by NealH

Top notch company and people.....and bike. Very nice looking.

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by stephen@fibre-lyte

If I could afford a Firefly, I would certainly buy one, but a full ti one, not a carbon-ti version

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by crohnsy

Meh... Just doesn't do it for me like their other bikes..

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by stella-azzurra

Yeah just like the Merlin Cielo back in 2009?

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by metanoize

Love the company, and would love to get it this bike, but I was stopped in my tracks when I saw the mono-stays, something is clumsy or unfinished about them. I must be old fashioned, I only like classic twin seat-stays.


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by Stolichnaya

Look at those welds... flawless.
The stay design makes me think of the old steel Fat Chance's. Dang, I always wanted one of those.

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by metanoize

Stolichnaya wrote:Unfinished?
Look at those welds... flawless.
The stay design makes me think of the old steel Fat Chance's. Dang, I always wanted one of those.

I said I'm old, didn't I :) I've already once owned a Fat Chance steel bike, and I'm over it.

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by djconnel

I never liked the bonded C-Ti bikes. I always worry about delamination at the bonds between such dissimilar materials.

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by BeeSeeBee

Calfee(and I've heard it from others) mention that because of the thermal expansion rates between Ti and carbon being similar, and Ti not being susceptible to corrosion, the two materials mate together quite well. There was a thread in the Paceline forum about the frame, and someone mentioned that the epoxies have come so far that de-bonding shouldn't really be a concern anymore.

Firefly seems to have a more industrial look to their frames, so I think their wishbone design fits in fine. Looks absolutely stunning.

For frames that are a bit more classically styled, I think the way IF does the XS or Serotta does the Ottrott looks better. The Merlin/Seven twin stay look good as well, I just generally prefer wishbone stays.

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by mrfish

Well I like it, it looks nice. However, I'm not convinced it gives the best of both worlds performance wise.

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