Hongfu FM-066/Chinese open mould frame thread

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by seanblurr

Mine was $790 with 2 carbon cages shipped to my door.
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by Weenie

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by Posix1b

Any recommendation where I can pick up a rear derailleur hanger in the US for the FM066. Getting one shipped form China costs $35 for the shipping, at least that's what I was told by HongFu!

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by prendrefeu

It's better that you get one from another mfg anyway (such as 9to5 engineering, Pilo, Wheels MFG, etc:.
Check this thread:

What shape do you need? Take a look at your current derailleur hanger and find a matching one. That simple.

Also, you will find your shifting improve by using any one of the above derailleur hangers: they are CNC machined to be thicker and stronger.
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by charlietrotter

Hi, I'am Carlo from Italy.
Ara you talking about fm066sl?
So, look my creation.
Bought in summer 2013 from FlyBike.
Weight with complete Force 2012 10 speed is: 6550 gr.
Wheels are 38mm carbon built by italian artisan (1100 gr. naked/nude)
Frame painted from italian artisan too.


At today I've rided this bike for 2000 km. No problem, frame not comfortable but very stiffness.

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by MarkGiardini

That paint spec actually looks pretty good, apart from the text graphic.
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by amey

What £$ should I ask for FM066 frameset used less than 300 miles?

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by carbonLORD

Did they make the knock-off Specialized saddle too?

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by Spaetzle

Did anybody here with >95kg rode this frame?

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by bura

carbonLORD wrote:Did they make the knock-off Specialized saddle too?

Check the Hongfu website.
They neither manufacture replicas nor branded fake items.
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by dogg

my frame has arrived! haven't had a chance to crack into the box yet as i had it shipped to another location but it only took 8 days to arrive from china to the US east coast - sometimes it takes longer than that for things I've ordered from inside the US to arrive! I've been very pleased with their customer service. I've corresponded through Vivian and i would recommend contacting her if you chose to order through HongFu

ill be throwing up a build thread in the next few days

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by Goldenr

Here is my chinese open mold i picked up from a friend built up with sram force.
Not sure on the make or model, any ideas?

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by dogg

finally got my hands on my fm066sl today. it looks lovely! not much else to say about at this point other than it build up very well. just waiting on derailleurs and a chain and it'll be ready to roll, will post pics then

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by charlietrotter

@ spud

Sorry Spud, I' ve not enough messages to answer you in private mode.
So I do it directly in this tread.
You can find a lot of trader that sell this saddle:

http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product ... 74744.html

and others...

ps: can I show this link? Excuse me if I can't.

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by jepd1973

Sorry to interrupt this thread.

Is it safe to buy from the website above ? (http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product ... 74744.html)

And how is this saddle compared to a standard SLR?

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by glepore

Aliexpress is like ebay. Any number of different sellers. Some are good, some not so. Most of the bars, saddles etc are sold by resellers not manufacturers although manufacturers also list.
As to how does it compare, do you mean quality wise? Many folks use them without complaint, some folks break them, like any carbon part. A broken saddle can make it hard to get home if it occurs more than a couple k from home, but if you're a light guy, what do you have to lose for 40 bucks?
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by Weenie

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