New Cervelo California, the Rca

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by Ghost234

Remember that 667 is with hardware. Without it, the frame is 630 in a 54.

Also, the Cervelo will be much stiffer and likely more aero as Cervelo actually spends time in the tunnel, they spend a good amount of their R&D on it.

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by sedluk


Size 51cm

Frame without hardware is 622 grams
Uncut fork 298 grams
Collar, Hanger, BB insert is 30 grams

The Rotor BB that it comes with is heavy at 110 grams, I will use a THM BB that weighs 91 grams

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by djconnel

Cool! That's well within the claimed weight band for that size:


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by Naturel

Available NOW !!!! ?

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by lovestheclimb

interested to see the first one that will be built up by a forum member

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by sedluk

The fork is interesting. The Nanovate coating is very durable, it was tough to score it and mark the place where I wanted to cut. It is tough to cut through but very thin.

The problem is that it looks like the stear tube is the same size as normal. They coat the stear tube with a coat of Nanovate. But now it is a little thicker than it should be. It is not a big problem, I just sanded the inside of my spacers to get them on the stear tube.

My cut fork is 267 grams.

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by eric

Nice. This bike needs a build thread all its own.

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by uraqt

Best Cervelo paint/graphics job ever!!!! : )

sedluk, congratulations on a sweet ride!!!


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by mythical

All mechanical pros/cons aside, that frame looks stunning! Good on ya, sedluk! :thumbup:
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by Vuong05

Best paint job on a Cervelo. This thing will be amazing when finished, enjoy in good health.
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by sedluk

The Cervelo logos that look like they might be white in the photo are a matte silver.

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by jmilliron

That's awesome.

Looking forward to seeing this finished.
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by bura

I have got not many opinions when I covered Nanovate coating :
Stephen from fibre-lyte seemed not being interested in the Nanovate coating,too.Not sure.
It is good to see that Cervelo went for it at least at one part of their Rca fork.
BTW. sedluk good luck with your built .
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by Epic-o

From FB:


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by prendrefeu


Oh, that's nice. Very nice.
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