New Cervelo California, the Rca

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by afalts

Is that not the price they advertised the R5ca for as well? It still sold; couple members here with them.

by Weenie

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by wolfesquire

they need to make a California version of the S5.....

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by gleason

Anyone else think it looks stinkingly similar to the EVO Black ... e-crankset

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by plpete

Maybe slightly similar to EVO but the rear triangle is much different on the RCa. Look at the chain stays alone. As much as Cervelo is into being aero I wish they would engineer a better way to route the cables, especially in the front. They don't enter the frame until about an inch into the top tube. I really like the way some frame makers have created entry points right on the front of the head tube. It looks much cleaner and minimizes any extra cables being exposed to the wind.

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by topflightpro

Is this any different from the "California" Versions they've offered the last couple of years?

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They changed over to a "kamm tail" tube shape like Scott and Trek, and it may be lighter. Claimed 667g for a 54cm.

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by Pharmstrong

Wow. Love the frame, I'll consider one when they start making them in Taiwan for a reasonable price though. $10k...

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by sedluk

I will get one, it looks nice. It is a little lighter, maybe 30-40 grams lighter. But it uses the Pressfit BB which adds weight because you have to install cups. But then the drive side bearings are outboard and you can use the Ax Lightness or Clavicula cranks which are lighter. The lightest crank you could use on the R5ca was the THM M3.

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by petromyzon

Stunning - in a pretty developed market they always seem to come out with improvements.

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by trychle

If I were to create a $10,000 frame I would at least have made the wiring in the front end more neat and thought of some place to hide the di2 junction box and battery.. But well, who am I to say so.

After all Cervelo is the best at engineering.. :wink:

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by djconnel

Wow -- gorgeous!


This is the nicest stock bike I've seen: good combination of aerodynamics, mass, stiffness.

Geometry doesn't work for me, though. Short reach due to slacker seat tube.

They backed away from the R5-Ca geometry of moving the seat tube forward of the BB then slacking it back to 72.5 deg. Here the seat tube intercepts the BB center and they're back to 73 deg. That seemed like a nice experiment so I wonder why they retreated.

Also curious they stick with 68 mm BB drop across all sizes. Cannondale goes to lower BB in smaller sizes due to shorter cranks. That makes sense. Lower BB results in stealth HTL increase, however.

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by spud

this frame is a great blueprint for how it should be done - selective tube shaping. I'm looking forward to someone building a production ready version of this type, with a shorter head tube and BB30.

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by Ghost234

I liked the look of the R5ca better. The cable routing is definitely a put-off.

Also on a side note: the fork is apparently 250g.

by Weenie

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by jmilliron

Very clean, I like it. Reminds me of a skinny, no nonsense, version of my Wilier Cento 1SR. Similar cable routing and tubes.
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