Question about S Works chainset shifting & Power 2 Max

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by Barters

Hi all,

I have just put a deposit down on a 2015 S Works Tarmac. While I wait for it to arrive I have a few things to ponder which I would appreciate some advice over. The key thing to keep in mind is that I will shortly have a brand new DA 9000 stages power meter--it's a warranty for a defective model which they are replacing.

So my questions are:

1. S-works chainset benefits vs Dura Ace 9000 in terms of weight & shift quality.
2. If the answer is that it is better to keep the S-Works chainset which comes with the bike how best to manage my power meter needs: my consideration is to sell the DA 9000 stages while it is in new condition & replace with power2max s spider.

Thanks for the help!


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by Tom-s

According to FWB the S-works would be the better choice (Stiffness to weight) :
Stages vs. Power2max goes to P2M in general on this forum.
Keep the S-works chainring and use a P2M.

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by efeballi

I'll bite.
DA will have superior shifting, especially if the chainset comes with S-Works chainrings. This can be mitigated somewhat by using SRAM or Praxis rings. DA also scored highly in the stiffness department IIRC. So in that perspective, DA is the way to go. However the P2M power meter will likely be more reliable and yield more accurate data than Stages, so that's another point to think about.

This is WW so weight is always a concern, from memory S-Works is 100-150 g lighter than DA sans bottom bracket. You would need an adapter for the BB to work with DA.

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by dunbar42

Are the 4-arm Shimano Power2Max spiders still available? I thought I heard that they were not. Edit, I see that the OP was not considering this option. I'd personally much rather have Power2Max than Stages. But I just bought a Type S so I'm probably biased.

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by bfno

IMHO would go P2M for its reliability (Pro teams are buying these! They must be good) and being 2 sided. S-Works cranks are a thing of beauty too I recon.
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by Barters

As I am buying the full S Works tarmac bike it will with the "S-Works FACT carbon, OSBB, 52/36, w/ CeramicSpeed ceramic bearings."

I was interested to know people's first hand experiences of front shifting on the S Works vs the DA chainset.

P2M seems like a good PM however if this all boils down to weight then if you compare:

SW chainset + p2m vs DA 9000 chainset + stages it probably is a wash.

So if weight is awash what is left is shifting & pm reliability.

Sky are on stages. Movistar on p2m. So both have some pro time.

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by Tillquist

I have only see p2m 4 bolt powermeter on Rotor 3D+


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by SLCBrandon

I have 2 SW crank/SW Quarq spider setups and they have been flawless. Keep in mind as well, there is a brand new SW chainring design out (yours would def come with them) and they are really good. That's just to dispel the above comment about needing to change the rings to praxis etc.

Give the SW Quarq spider consideration.

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by Barters

Cheers Brendon.

It's the latest S Works Tarmac with DA. So if there is a new S Works chainset it will be on it.

The Quarq for SW looks good however it's much more expensive than the P2M. Does the Quarq have cadence in built like the P2M?

I am leaning towards moving to P2M & keeping the SW chainset as it looks super cool on the Tarmac!

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by SLCBrandon

Ah, excellent question. I know Quarq has gone to a built in cadence with new units but I can honestly say I'm not certain if they have made their way into the latest SW spider or not. I will check that out though.

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by goodboyr

The answer is yes. Any quarq with an Led, and that takes a 2032 battery has the new firmware, and the SW version on the website has this.

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by mdusink

I have a tarmac with s-works crank, power2max s-type, but with red group. I use the red chainrings with the yaw derailleur. I'm also the designated mech for our group, with some riding DA. My experience in front shifting: if DA = 100%, I can get my setup at 97%. The forged chainrings of DA are flawless. The red on p2m/sworks crank are very very good. I'm happy but I know the shimano is better.

Weightweenie wise, do a total count of crank + powermeter, because the p2m add's about 200 grams, the stages is only 50 grams orso? Although substract the specialized spider = 80 grams.

Good luck

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by boots2000

How about an SRM?
The SRM spider only are a really good deal these days.
I have been using a Specialized crank with SRM spider and Praxis rings for a long tke.
It has been flawless.

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