Campy Record 11s cables

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by thisisatest

RussellS wrote: Oddly Jagwire even has Campagnolo and Shimano specific brake cables. Not sure why since brake cables are very interchangeable and use the same heads.

Campy brake cables have a reduced diameter head as well. It's more common for generics to sometimes just adhere to the campy head size with brake cables, as I've never heard of anyone having issues with using a campy-type brake cable in a Shimano or SRAM brake.

For campy11, I definitely prefer genuine campy cables. I havent had the constant issues some people have had with Gore, and I do like their stuff, get em while they're still around. I have a strong dislike of Yokozuna brake housing and anything Nokon, and would rather skip the other segmented housings like mini I-links n such...

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by asdf123

Whats the difference in Jagwire Racer, Hyper and Ripcord? The product information says almost nothing.

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by coloclimber

Brake- Nokon or allligator- to save some grams.
Shift- Campagnolo 11 speed OEM all the way. No real weight savings and less expensive to replace a few times a season if needed.
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by asdf123

Campy or Jagwire Ripcord/Racer's witch of those will serve better?

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by fdegrove


Campa's own no doubt.

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