Shoe Heels Striking Chain stay

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by djconnel

+1 on not cranking down on float to distort the knee angle. Using zero float to compensate for poor cleat position is dumb. Don't expect two different shoes to have equivalent screw hole position. Your knee should track over the second toe, up down, not in circles.

by Weenie

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by User Name

This is a problem for me. In fact, I even had to sell one frame due to the shape of the stays.

Others have made some of these points, but

Firstly (obviously), be sure that you are in fact a natural "toe pointer-outer/heels in" person.

Put the cleats as far to the inside of the shoe as possible. Unfortunately, the angle they must go on for a 'toes out' rider means that they can't be moved very far in.

You can add a a washer or 2 on the pedal; one or 2mm can make a noticeable difference

I even filed some of the plastic off the inside of my Sidi heels -- function over form, baby :D

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