KCNC titanium brake and derailleur cables - bad experience!

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by tantra

I invested $180 for a set of titanium brake and derailleur cables from Fairwheel. The cables have a beautiful gold coating and feel very slippery. I first installed the brake cables on my Seven bike with D/A 7900 shifters, Nokon housings, and ee-brakes. Even after adjusting the brakes so the pads were almost touching the rims, I could pull the brake levers until they touched the bars. WAY more stretchy than steel cables. Cable friction was not a problem at all. The braking performance was noticably worse than with steel cables. Next I tried the derailleur cables. The FD shifted OK, however, I could not adjust the RD to shift reliably. At best, the shifting was slow and hesitant. Much worse than the snappy shifting I was used to with steel cables. Again, the problem was cable stretch. So, I switched back to steel cables. Complete waste of money and time! Just a heads-up for you weight weenies.

by Weenie

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by nealrab

Kind of a bummer there...

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by jmartpr

Did you use them just 1 ride? I have the brake ones on my EPS equipped bike and they work perfectly without any cable stretch after the initial use and setup. Give Jason at FWB a call about this, he probably could give you some feedback.

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by audiophilitis

I also have these KCNC ti brake cables on a Time frame, in conjunction with Aican Bungarus housing. No issues either.

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by RyanH

Something isn't right if the pads are almost touching the rims and you can squeeze the levers to the bars. Unless you got bungie cords, there has to be something else going on. Are you sure there's no areas of compression in the Nokons? I had that issue with iLinks the first time I set them up.
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by mnmasotto

I am using them for both shifting and braking applications. I have Dura Ace 9000, Aican housings and EE brakes. No issues at all. They work no different than steel cables. Recheck your setup.

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by Oswald

Holy sh!t... 180 $ for cables?!? WTF??

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by drainyoo

Overpriced, but they are half the weight of steel cables. If you're going for the lightest build, these are the cables. Getting them for my build. You only live once, baby!

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by CharlesM

This ain't cable stretch... Something else is happening in the system.

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by mike

Make sure you pull the slack on the cable after the first time. Could be slack cable up where the shifters/brake are.
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by lannes

drainyoo wrote:Overpriced, but they are half the weight of steel cables. If you're going for the lightest build, these are the cables. Getting them for my build. You only live once, baby!

I think powercordz are lighter and cheaper
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by drainyoo

Yes but they don't work with all brakes.

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by vlastrada

shifting is good so far with mini-i-links and Campy SR....

they have stretched, but not much more than new steel cables.

not using for brakes though

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by sungod

i've not tried the ti cables, but certainly with powercordz the nokon system takes time to bed in

so there's repeated tweaking until all the beads and ferrules have snugged up, so on initial install i make sure all adjusters are at minimum tension, then there's plenty of adjustment range

by Weenie

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by Foxtrot

What is the weight of the Titanium cables ?

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