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by rbrtwyn

I am about to buy a Ridley Damocles and have a question that I can't seem to find an answer to. Since the Damocles doesn't use barrel adjusters, how do you adjust cable tension on the front derailleur? Do you have to use inline adjusters? I've looked at every Google image I can find and it doesn't look like inline adjusters are used.


by Weenie

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by system787

You can always add inline adjusters to any bike. You can add more than one if you wanted to.

You can also pull the cable taut and set up your front derailleur with any cable adjuster. Once the cable stretches and settles, you'll have to set it up again, but it should stay good after.

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by Tricky1

I ride the Damocles. I've never used a barrel adjuster on a front derailleur, but I simply adjust the cable at the derailleur. As mentioned, once the cable stretches, snug up the slack and you should be good.

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by boolinwall

I had the same situation with my Guru Geneo. At first I used an inline adjuster on the front, but I eventually dropped it in favour of the cleaner lines, better sealing and better functioning of not having it. It'll take a few minutes to set your FD up without one. But well worth it in the end.

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by weeracerweenie

I do it on my Scott Addict too. I wind the limit screw up past the perfect spot (so it's rubbing) then attach the cable not to tight, then I back off the limit screw so the cable is tight, I find after a day or two of riding it settles In just nicely. I don't know if that makes sense though...
I guess there's worse hobbies than making a bike light? Right?

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by rbrtwyn

Thanks everyone!

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by JBV

Most high end road frames no longer have barrel adjusters. They weigh a few grams more, and as everyone on this forum knows, bikes get sold by being a few grams lighter than the competition. I have an old college friend who has worked for a big bike company for years designing high end frames, he told me a while back that his job essentially came down to finding 50g to shave off of the frame every year without increasing failure rate (i.e. - warranty returns due to breakage).

Now that I think about it, he told me that when I asked him (over 10 years ago now) why their new frames didn't have barrel adjusters.

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by Vitix2

I make sure mine is adjusted before I leave home. If something changes, I just stop and adjust it at the rear derailluer. The Front has yet to get freaky on me during a ride in 20 plus years. I never used the barrel adjusters on older bikes anyway.

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by g32ecs

Does anyone ride a XXS or XS Damocles here?

and in General, how's the frame?

by Weenie

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by SGcyclist

I ride an XS Damo. For the most I really like the frame. I'm a light rider and find it very stiff but not that communicative. I think what stands out the most is the stability and tracking over rough roads and potholes. The front end is very stiff and handling is not twitchy. The bike is very utilitarian to me with no surprises and you really begin to appreciate its neutral handling and stability after a long day in the saddle. If the geo suits you I would not hesitate to try one out but if you run wheels like fulcrum 0's or ksyrium sl's prepare to lower psi or prepare for a beating.

For reference I also own a moots rsl and a look 595.

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