Numb! Please suggest a WW saddle with cutout to help me.

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by RedRacer

Any new offerings introduced at Eurobike or Interbike?

Flat(ish), wide(ish), firm(ish) with a massive center cutout?

by Weenie

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by willieboy

RedRacer wrote:The older I get the more I find my 'area' going numb while riding. This is especially noticeable during the winter when I am on my indoor trainer and not getting out of the saddle much. While on my trainer, if I go 10/10ths for even 10 minutes I go numb.

I am using a Specialized Toupe 143mm (Ti rails) and I find it reasonably comfortable aside from the numb bit. The saddle 'fit tool' at my LBS said the 143mm was correct but since I am 6' 2" perhaps I need something wider to place more weight on my sit bones? I also have to think that a larger saddle center cutout would be beneficial since the cutout in the Toupe really doesn't feel like it takes away a noticeable amount of pressure vs a flat saddle. My Toupe saddle is set with a very slight nose-down angle...should I tilt it down more or am I just on the wrong saddle? At this point I am looking for any WW solution that might help!

The three saddles on my list at the moment are:

Specialized Romin Pro 155mm (167g)
Selle Italia SLR Tekno Flow 131mm with a big cutout (115g)
Selle Italia SLR Super Slow 145mm. Looks comfy but it is heavy. (195g)

Does anyone have any experience with these saddles?

Anyone in the same boat as me that has found a solution?

Saddles are such a personal thing. I rode the Romin expert 155mm for over 10,000 miles on two bikes and then something changed. Don't know what but I had the same problem with numbness and discomfort all of the sudden. Bikes didn't change. Kind of weird. In any case I mounted up a Sella Italia SLR superflow 145mm. Great right out of the box. I'm getting a second one now. Good luck as we need to be comfortable of our bikes for sure.

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