Fulcrum RRS crankset compatible with Campy 11 speed ??

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by zgundam

Hi all,

Is this Fulcrum RRS crankset can use with Campy Super Record 11 speed groupset ?


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by coloclimber

RRS is technically for 10 speed and has older style ramps. Not XPSS. Can be retro-fitted with current Campagnolo rigtghough.
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by cogmaven

Best bet, and probably the most affordable, for 11 speed upgrades to the older Fulcrum 10s cranks, is the TA Nerius (110 bcd -with 112mm offset for hidden bolt) or Horus (135 bcd) chainrings. These also take normal chainring bolts, compared to the newer Campag chainrings which thread into the small ring itself.

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by fdegrove


Purely technically speaking a Fulcrum RRS crankset is no other then a Campa Super Record crankset with their best 10S chanrings.
Same bearings, same everything except the chainrings which quite frankly can be used without a problem in an 11S system.
You won't notice the difference even though I trust Campa when they state there actually is one.....

To answer your question, it is 100% 11S compatible. There is no such thing as a non-compatible 11S Campa or Fulcrum crankset as there is no difference whatsoever to be found in the cranksets. Since there is no no reason to change a crankset for whatever speed anyhow. They're not interdependent.

Now, if you want to turn that RRS crankset into a a 11S crankset all you'd want to buy is nothing really. It will work prefectly as that is exactly why I run one.
Want to run 11S chainrings? No probs.

Ciao, ;)
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by Phill P

Had the same questions between 9spd and 10spd cranks. Nobody ever had an issue.However 9spd to 11spd might mean the chain is now too narrow and you get the chain sitting on the small ring and "idling" like FSA cranks at least used to (even when used with their intended drive line)

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