Zipp 404 spoke nipple protruding

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by ketsana

Sorry.. Not much action in the Everything Wheels subforum so I thought I would post here.

I bought some old Zipp 404's off someone last fall and have only ridden them for about 100km.
I noticed this crack only after changing a tube.
How would you go about fixing them? Just dab some epoxy or get a carbon fiber repair kit?

Here is a link to a photo:

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by shadwell

Conatct Zipp... get their advice..

When you see it's likely to be "replace the rim" and as you are not covered under warranty as not the original purchaser, you will be left in a quandry as to what to do.....(but at least you asked..)

If it was a rear wheel i would look into a possible repair with a crabon bike repair specialist.. by the time anything was done you may be approaching th cost of a replacment rim anyway? Worth checking.

If it was a front wheel I prsonally would not even bother with a repair an simply stump up for the replacment rim.

"IF" you are a very light rider and you ride flatish routes on smooth roads you may elect to just continue to rid eit.. with a spoke pulling through being the worst likely out come... which in the event is like a broken spoke... i.e. open the brake and ride home carefully.....

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by theremery

ahhhhhh.....maybe not....I typed a "repair it" post and posted THEN looked at the could repair it but that crack seems to be heading up into the rim.....take it to a pro and have THEM repair it.
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by clarkson

It's your face, but it's worth some consideration as to what an accident from wheel failure would entail. I really couldn't advise anything but replacement or professional repair.

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