Easton EC90 seatpost slipping

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by eric

Calipers are not accurate to .001mm. More like .025mm for good ones. But if that's what you have its better than nothing.

I think a 27.2mm frame is supposed to be 27.2mm.

Did you measure in multiple orientations? The seat tube or post could be out of round.

I found a spec someone posted from Sutherlands' repair manual that says the difference between post and frame should be 0.05mm

by Weenie

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by HugoDrax

Hmm ok,
I didn't try measuring in multiple orientations, but I have noticed that once I clean off all of the carbon assembly paste there is significant wiggle room between the post and frame. Additionally, the calipers I am using are in SAE and I am having to convert to metric which explains my extended use of decimal places. The brass foil that I purchased seems to be too much initially, but after a ton of sanding I have created a full wrap that extends the length of the narrow ti insert in the frame and it seems to be holding well. As soon as the weather clears I will be on the bike again to see if it is working effectively. If the seat tube or post are out of round it would have to have come from the factory due to both being babied their entire lives. I know that I have a ton of extra room past 0.05mm, but I am hoping this brass shim will do the trick!

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