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by CarpetFibre

Hi all,

I've looked high and low for classic, round drop bars like Deda Newton Shallow in the right width for me. I need 40cm O-O bars (~38cm C-C), and all the classic shapes don't seem to be made in widths narrower than 42cm O-O. The only option I can find currently is the Zipp service course SL traditional, but the shape isn't quite right and the reach is silly for someone as short as me. I'd also prefer an aluminium bar as I favour them over carbon bars, for price as well as ride-ability reasons.

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by fio

Been doing this search for a long time and haven't come up with much. I have settled on the Zipp Service Course CSL in SSR bend (see this doc: ... IAGRAM.pdf). It's the closest thing I've found for something resembling a classic shape with a short reach and narrow (38 C-C) width. I actually quite like them, but the bend isn't perfectly round--it is slightly modified. It's not at all bad, but I think the bar is really sensitive to angle changes. Totally changes the way the bar feels IMO. If anyone else knows of something please chime in...

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by boolinwall

I've got a pair of PRO PLT's at 40 c-c and at the time, they were available in 38 c-c. It might be worth looking into.

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