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Currently I have a GXP crank wiht the GXP to BB86 BB. Is it worth it to go to a straight BB86 setup?


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by FIJIGabe

Do you mean by just replacing the bearing? BB86 is a Shimano spec design, but there are GXP bearings that adapt that BB format for GXP cranks, but you can't run a GXP crank on a BB86 (Shimano) bearing.
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My SLR01 accepts BB86. I am looking to not do the SRAM GXP conversion. Is it worth it to go BB86 crank with BB86 BB?

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by euan

There are no BB86 cranks. BB86 bottom brackets are designed to work with specific GPX or HT2 cranks.
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by deek

BB86 is essentially a press fit version of BSA.

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by thisisatest

SRAMs own bb86 set is paractically the same as the Shimano one with an adapter workaround. The step-down on the left bearing is built in, that's about it. Key with gxp on any pressfit system is getting the wavy washer on the right side as flat as possible without actually being flat.

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How much weight does the adapter workaround weigh vs straight shimano...?

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by drchull

^ Essentially none. They are the exact same thing, a plastic cup on each side with a bearing. The internal diameter of the non-drive side bearing is just a little smaller with the GXP vs. the Shimano.
Really the weight difference is the weight difference of the crank.
It is not really a conversion. Essentially you are just pressing in the appropriate BB for your crank. I think some BBs like the Chris king have sold a small sleeve for an adaptor but I am not sure they work terribly well.

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