Anyone fitted a Zipp Vuma to a Cervelo R5?

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by GT3RS

I've had a look through the threads on BBRight and can't see if anyone has successfully fitted a Zipp chainset to Cervelo R5. A reply on the Cervelo forum seems to suggest that they will only work with the "direct fit" BB on the R5ca and not the "pressfit" BB on the R5, I've had a look at the tech drawings on the BBRight site and am none the wiser. Anyone had any luck with this?

Thanks for any info.

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by Machinenoise

Well i haven't tried it but this guy has got one fitted to a bb90 crank (just) ... part1.html which is 90mm from outer bearing face to outer bearing face. it was designed for 86mm BBs and the BBRight one claims to be 79mm wide.

Therefore my conclusion is you'll need a 5mm spacer. +/- a little bit for tolerances. Chainline might still be an issue.

Waiver:- This is theoretical not practical.

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by sedluk

I think it might depend on the BB. I would think that you could use one with the THM BBright Pressfit BB. It probably will not work with the SRAM BB that is supplied with the frame.

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by GT3RS

Thanks for replies - will give it a go (expect I'll end up sticking old red chainset on).

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by deek

It should work as long as the bearing race on the drive side is long enough. You'll need a spacer on the DS (probably 13mm) and a wave washer/shims on the NDS.

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by thisisatest

If by "bearing race" you mean the axle surface intended to have a bearing, yes, it works. Zipp makes a bb30 conversion that is just two spacers. You essentially just use one of those spacers on the right side, and you're done.

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by GT3RS

Quick update - finally decided to try sedluk's suggestion and try the THM BBright press fit adapter, got it back from the LBS this morning and it seems to have worked perfectly (just used THM washer and Zipp washers and wavy washer). Did a quick 30 miles on it this morning and nothing fell off or exploded. Thanks for advice.

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