GIRO EMPIRE - Review (mini)

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by leicaman

I've put in quite a few rides on my empires now, with around five or so being 200+ km. This Saturday I decided to do a slightly longer ride here in the height of summer. Temps were around 35-36c in the shade and the humidity was just awful. Plenty of climbing (6500m of ascent). The empires performed really well. My feet got hot but no hotter than in my old shimanos. I didn't need to touch the laces once during the whole ride. The only complaint I have is that my bright pink laces got dirty. I ended up with 357km, no hot spots and a big smile on my face. Definite thumbs up for the empires so far.

by Weenie

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by Piotrini

Has anyone of you been caught in a rain with those shoes? How quick do they dry /compared to other shoes you own?

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by Cuki

I've been caught in the rain a few times, and yes, they do get wet, and they do stay wet. At least for a few hours.
Thankfully I have two pairs of the Empire so not a major issue for me, but others might feel this is not good.
Warning with the white Empires and small frames, they can scuff at the toe if you hit the wheel on a turn and push off.

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by Nefarious86

Where are people buying coloured laces for these? Id like a set in all black if I can get a few pairs of laces to change them up.
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by Krackor

The great thing about laces is there's nothing special about them. Just search eBay/Amazon for colored athletic laces and pick whatever you like. Make sure you get the corrrect length. The standard length that comes with the Empires could probably be shortened 3-6 inches. You'll want to have enough slack left to tuck into the elastic band though.

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by KarlC

Love the Vintage look of these shoes, what other brands might have the same look ?


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by tri

Bontrager have the Classique, looks about the same (imho). I have no experience with either these or the Giros. I do however like the look of the sleek shoe with nothing "sticking" out.

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by Nefarious86

Does anyone know anywhere in Sydney or Newcastle who stock anything other than the white/black colouring of these?
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by kman

I think we get limited options in oz, not sure what other colours are available locally - if any.
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by KWalker

Do the new SLX fit the same as the old empires? Any major differences?
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by IchDien

IIRC I saw somewhere there was a slight fit difference, although I wouldn't know why. Maybe its to do with the uppers being different on the SLX.

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by mitchgixer6

They are very similar but very slightly different.

I bought a pair and laced them the same as my 1st pair. On the first few rides I was disappointed as my feet weren't as happy in them as they were my original pair. At first I thought they maybe needed broken in a bit, but after a few weeks they weren't getting any better. I then relaced them using a more traditional lacing pattern and made sure they weren't as tight as they were before. After doing that they're much better and now feel the same as my original pair.

I can only put it down to the new upper being a little more supple and I had them too tight to begin with.

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by Bogan

kman wrote:I think we get limited options in oz, not sure what other colours are available locally - if any.

I have seen orange SLX's at Avanti Plus, Collingwood, Melbourne.
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by desperado95219

I just got a pair of white and black slx's in a 43.5 and notice that while the forefoot feels great (I have a wide forefoot) I get a little slip in the heel. Has anyone else had that problem? I fear if I go a half size smaller that the forefoot may feel crammed! ( am in the US and bought these from Great Britain). My Sidis are 43.5 and 44.0.

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by dagjonas

I've read through this whole thread, found out that it seems that Giro = Shimano size wise, but that was in 2013. I guess the Empire has change since then, any input on the sizing now? I currently use 42 Wide in Shimano.

by Weenie

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