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by russellis

Hi Guys

I posted a thread a few weeks ago with pictures of my new Giro Empire shoes. I thought I would post a few more pictures that I have taken of them and give a bit of a report back now that I have done a couple of rides in them.

They are a size 45 and are a great fit for me. I wear a 45 in Sidi Ergo 2's and these seem to fit the same so all good on sizing.

They are super light and the sole is seriously stiff, I would say stiffer than the sole on my Ergo 2's, probably not by a long way but noticeable. They feel great on and I have had no issues with the laces at all. I have just been using the standard lacing pattern that came with the shoes and it works great. I have been careful to pull the laces tight all the way from the bottom and then tie a nice tight double knot, then it's just a case of tucking the loops into the retainer and away you go.

I have done a 35 mile hilly ride in them and a short fast 15 mile blast. Not once did the shoes feel like they had loosened off. They stayed as tight as when I tied them.

I have just started using Speedplay Zero's as well for the first time so it's been interesting riding in new shoes with a new pedal system (I usually ride Look). I am more than happy with the combination though. I would recommend the shoes to anyone that likes the look of them.

Oh, and yes, the look of them .... they are damn sexy aren't they ;-)

Some pics I took today after their second outing:





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by handler

Great review, but you missed one important part. What's the weight?

by Weenie

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by Imaking20

I finally tried a pair on over the weekend... my recently acquired '12 S-Works shoes are now for sale.

Thanks for the review

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by roberto21

from the pictures that i have seen, these shoes look beautiful. a friend recently ordered some and i cant wait to check them out in person. now if only a LBS would stock them so i can try them on for myself.
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by kode54

very nice. is there a black protective layer under the speedplay cleat? or is that painted on the shoe for position?

i may have to upgrade from my S-Works shoe. great review.
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by Pharmstrong

kode54 wrote:very nice. is there a black protective layer under the speedplay cleat? or is that painted on the shoe for position?

i may have to upgrade from my S-Works shoe. great review.

It's Speedplay's 3 to 4 hole adapter.

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by shimmeD

Do you have the stack height (thickness of sole), please?
I use a builder's square (with a spirit level) and another ruler to measure. Just measure with the cleats on (placed on a flat surface), as I'm a Speedplay user too (so I can deduct cleat + adapter thickness, to save you from removing the cleat).
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by bura

Thanks for the review.
Because judging from the looks these are currently the best looking cycling shoes.
Getting familiar with silver/yellow option though would buy some black/gray and really waiting to see other colors.
BTW these are advertised with 550gr/pair but probably for size 42 or 43?
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by mattiTWOROADS

Love mine! They won't be for everyone, though, as they really are quite a snug shoe when all laced up (which is what I wanted and could never find). They really do fit more like football boots than a typical cycling shoe.

I love them so much I may actually get a silver pair to ride when I'm feeling a little cheeky. I will then will likely acquire other colors as they come available... turning me into a shoe whore of epic proportions.

And for what it's worth, I came from S-works (and the slipping boa) by way of a short stop at Bont's (love the idea, hated how they didn't work at all for my feet or knees). Funny how the best solution is sometimes the simplest...
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by giant man

Thanks for the review. Waiting for my ltd ed. electric blue ones, should be late March-early April I've been told.

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by natiedean24

I'm never going back to traditional laced cycling shoes (or street shoes for that matter).

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by russellis

natiedean24 wrote:I'm never going back to traditional laced cycling shoes (or street shoes for that matter).

Would you like me to teach you how to tie them !?

I bet you look cool at weddings in your suit with velcro shoes :thumbup:

ah, just noticed you are from Texas .... is it easy to cycle in cowboy boots? :lol:

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by KWalker

Way to be rude with such a high post count.

Honestly I like the idea of these shoes, but am skeptical of the laces. I seem to NEVER get my shoe tightness right on the first go and the nice thing about boas or even velcro is being able to reach down and adjust it on the fly. I can even twist the boas through shoe covers, so his concern makes sense.
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by jrennie

same here. I usually tighten my s-works shoes little by little as the ride goes on. I love the look of the factor but it is pretty hard to beat a boa for ease.

by Weenie

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